WCSS Working Group Meeting Minutes – 15 June 2020

Walford Community Support Scheme
Progress Meeting
Monday 15th June 2020 (GoToMeeting)

In attendance: Be Mackintosh (BM); Joanne Akers (JA); Karen Chinn (KC); Bob Puzey (BP); Ruth Dolman (DM); Bridget Vine (BV)

BM discussed the opportunity to use Walford Village Hall as a permanent location for WCSS. BM met with Dave Berry and Veronica at the hall on Friday, 29th May to discuss and view the room available, the outside decking area and small garden area.

It was agreed that it would be an appropriate place to be based with the possibility of having coffee mornings, weekly drop-in sessions for service users and social gatherings. The room has plenty of storage space where WCSS boxes could be kept in one place.

BM agreed to talk to Dave Berry and Veronica regarding the charge for WCSS using the room as a permanent location. When possible, the working group will look around to assess suitability.

BM gave an update on service users. From this discussion it was decided to collate a small local ‘business directory’ to help service users find appropriate local companies to use. Also to include local businesses who financially support the WCSS. BV advised that the WCSS could not recommend companies only offer the directory as a guide. BP would add this to the website once collated.

DBS checks continue to be applied for via Hoople. 11 volunteers completed, 5 awaiting verification.
New volunteers will be invited to our first coffee morning. BV has adapted a proforma for all new volunteers and JA has produced a ‘Volunteer Information’ document to outline the work of the WCSS.

Warmer Homes – link to be placed on FB page.

Parish oximeter – held by Julie Church.

Covid-19 risk assessment was accepted by all and BM will forward a copy to the Parish Clerk. To be updated as required.

BM to contact local coffee/tea shops to discuss an Afternoon Tea Box delivery as soon as possible to our current service users

BP and RD suggested local food premises which could be used for food box deliveries and it was agreed that some items included in the deliveries should have more value as ‘treat’ items. BM to investigate options with Inn on the Wye and Woods of Whitchurch.

Once ‘meal deliveries’ were in place KC felt volunteers would be keen to help distribute them to service users. All regular services users would be contacted to be advised on food and meal deliveries.
KC suggested the idea of purchasing an iPad with the grant money to enable service users to have access to it for a virtual doctor’s appointment, face timing family etc at the possible drop- in sessions. Wi-Fi connection was queried at Walford Village Hall.

Future funding opportunities will be ongoing.

BM will continue to contact to doctor’s surgeries, the social prescriber, vicar, local school to encourage new service users. BP added that the WCSS would feature in the local newsletter to engage with potential new users.

KC questioned BM as to whether 5 hours was the correct number of hours for the role of the co-ordinator at present. BM said that the hours worked were over 5 for most weeks, time sheets to be sent to the Clerk – hours to be reviewed.

PPE – some of the grant money will be used to purchase relevant PPE for the volunteers, which BM will look into.


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