Agenda for the meeting of the Finance Committee on Wednesday 13 February 2019

Agenda for the meeting of the Finance Committee to be held at Walford Church – St Michael and All Angels

At 6.30pm on Wednesday 13 February 2019


Councillors are summoned to attend; the press and public are invited to attend


  1. Apologies: To accept apologies and note reasons for absence
  2. Declarations: To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations
  3. Minutes: To accept minutes of the previous meeting held on 21 November 2018
  4. Public participation session:
    • To receive representations from the public
  1. Financial information:
    • To receive and consider the Income and Expenditure account for the period to January 2019
    • To approve and sign the bank statements and reconciliation 
  1. Payments:
    • To consider and approve the following payments:
    • Richard Abolins clerk’s expenses                                                             £171.25
    • David Reeves grass verge and pavement mowing                                  £132.60
    • PCC of Walford Council meeting 9 January                                                £12.00
    • Walford Village Hall meetings 2018/19                                                           £132.50
    • WCSS petty cash £200.00
    • WCSS expenses                                                                                       £172.55
      • To ratify the following payments:
    • WCSS salary
    • Clerk salary
    • Sage subscription February                                                                          £26.40
  2. Operational budget items:
    • To receive the draft budget for 2019/20 and consider further action
    • To approve operation of payroll in-house
    • To note timetable for year end accounts and audit
    • To approve re-appointment of internal auditor
  1. Project budgets and expenditure
    • WCSS
    • Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch
    • Neighbourhood Development Plan 
  1. Items for next meeting agenda (No discussion)
  1. Next meeting: 26 June 2019 at 6.30pm at Walford Village Hall


Signed             R J Abolins                                           Clerk to The Council                                                                    6 February 2019

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