Can You Help Our NDP Project?


The NDP Steering Group is working, on behalf of Walford Parish Council, to deliver a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Walford Parish.

The Steering Group currently consists of 6 members supported by 2 consultants.  We are looking for members of the public who would be interested in joining or assisting the Group with the preparation of our draft NDP.

We are currently seeking three specific sets of skills:

  1. Someone with mapping skills, who is familiar with using a Geographical Information System (GIS), to prepare Parish maps from Ordnance Survey data.
  2. Someone who would be prepared to take on the role of Secretary for the Steering Group.
  3.  Someone who could track and report on the project finances.

The Group generally meets once a month on a Wednesday evening, usually for 2 hours. We are expecting to produce the draft of the NDP by late summer so the main commitment will be between now and August/September 2020.  Please note that apart from the Secretary there is no need to attend the monthly meetings.

If you are interested in helping please use the Contact us page.  Or just come along to our next Steering Group meeting.

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