COVID-19 Help and Assistance

Yvonne Richards, a Herefordshire Council employee, has been assigned to be the Covid-19 Response Link Worker for the Kerne Bridge Ward, which includes Walford Parish.  She has been sent information about what’s going on in the Parish re: The Community Support Scheme and Food Hubs etc.

Yvonne’s e-mail is: and her mobile number is: 07792882024.

Important information:

People wishing to volunteer can register and vulnerable people needing support can register on the following link:

Talk Community Covid-19 Response telephone number: 01432260027

Email address:

If you are in Walford Parish and are stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus outbreak and need help with shopping or getting medicines, please contact Yvonne.

Alternatively you can telephone the Community Support Scheme direct on 07493171430 or by email:

Age UK – Ross Contact Information

The Age UK Ross office is now ‘working from home’ and unfortunately it’s no longer possible to have direct contact or face to face appointments with clients.

The office can be contacted for Info and Advice on Telephone numbers:

01989567165 or 01989763887

These are the normal office contact telephone numbers but your call will be diverted to the two office staff, working from home.

Please leave a message if the call isn’t answered straight away and someone will get back to you.

Inn on the Wye – Community Food Boxes

Louise at The Inn on the Wye is providing a non-profit community food box order and pick-up service.

Each £20 box contains: Bread, Milk, Pasta, Eggs and a selection of fruit and vegetables.  There is a choice of red or green top milk and white or brown bread, but no substitutions.

To order: email with your telephone number.  Louise will call you back two days before the order goes in to take your order and payment over the phone.

On placing your order you will get an allocated pick-up slot (there are currently no deliveries). When you arrive the box will be placed outside and the door shut so that no social contact is necessary.

At present collection days are Monday and Thursday with collection slots 15 minutes apart.  Last orders for Monday pick-up are the previous Thursday evening.  Last orders for Thursday pick-up are the previous Tuesday evening.

Thank you Louise for helping to support our community.

COVID-19: Working Together to Beat the Virus

The Coronavirus is a concern for us all across West Mercia and during these uncertain times we must work together to ease the situation. We all have our part to play and there are many ways to offer support to our communities’ most vulnerable whilst ensuring personal safety. I have seen communities come together throughout Herefordshire to provide services such as collecting prescriptions, shopping or even offering phone calls to ensure those most vulnerable are still cared for and not lonely. As Commissioner I would encourage you all to keep safe and listen to guidelines issued by the Government and local authorities but keep community spirit going and look out for each other.

More information about offering support across Herefordshire can be found here:

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion

Woods of Whitchurch – Drive by Pick-up Shop + Deliver to Food Hub

Details of the Woods of Whitchurch Drive by Pick-up Shop + Delivery to Food Hub:

Download the order form HERE

How to Order:

  1. Decide what you would like and mark the quantities on the order form with a pen or by typing.
  2. Take a photo or email the order form to Victoria 07786543457                    
  4. Woods of Whitchurch will call you the following morning with any changes and a price.
  5. You will pay over the phone with a debit/credit card.
  6. You can tell us an approximate time of pick up.
  7. You drive by between 2pm & 6pm to collect

OR a Volunteer will collect for you

OR a delivery to Local Food Hub (Tues/Thurs/Sat) – starting week commencing 30th March 2020

Please note all orders on Saturdays will be ready on MONDAYS.  No Sunday pick up.

Are you operating a community help scheme?

Let us know and we will get the details published.

Here To Help You

If you need assistance in the coming months, the following local services are able to help:

  1. Woods of Whitchurch are a local food hub for people to buy stock + offering a takeaway/drive-thru service  Telephone: 01600 891021
  2. Inn on the Wye, Walford is taking orders for a £20 grocery box scheme.  Website: Contact: 01600 890872.
  3. Colts Village Stores and Filling Station, Bishopswood are stocked with essentials.  Telephone: 01594862959
  4. CrossKeys Pub in Goodrich is taking orders for a £20 grocery box scheme but is closed for business. E-mail: Contact 01600 890692
  5. Sainsburys is setting aside the first hour of shopping every Thursday for elderly and vulnerable shoppers.  This will be 8am to 9am in Ross.  Online customers who are over 70 years of age or have a disability will have priority access to online delivery slots so register for Sainsburys shopping now to get this priority treatment.
  6. Old Court Hotel in Whitchurch and The Hostelrie in Goodrich are now closed for business but Whitchurch Spice Tandoori (The Crown), Whitchurch is taking orders and delivering.  It doesn’t have a website but has a Facebook page of the same name.  Telephone: 01600 890808.  Mobile: 07422404777

There are Good Neighbours and Community Support Schemes that can offer help and support to those who are elderly, vulnerable or need to self-isolate in the following two Parishes:

Walford Parish (which includes Walford, Bishopswood, Bulls/Leys/Howle Hill and Coughton) contact Walford Community Support Scheme. Website: Contact: 07493171430

Whitchurch & Ganarew Parish Good Neighbours Scheme (which includes Symonds Yat West and Marstow) please contact Sue Morris via the  Contact:  01600 890183

Goodrich & Welsh Bicknor Parish (which includes Symonds Yat East)  doesn’t have a Good Neighbours Scheme but the Parish Council recognises that there might be people who may need help (and can offer help). Please contact Miss A Jones (Clerk) Tel. 01600 890466 (answer-machine) Email.

The situation is fast changing, so further updates will be published as we get more information.