Ross Community Christmas Day Dinner

Every year there’s a Community Christmas Day dinner in Ross, sponsored by the Ross Lions and supported by other local organisations. Volunteers help prepare and serve the meal on the day. There’s no charge for the dinner and transport is available, if required, to and from the dinner. There is also a home-delivery option.

If you would like to come along to the Christmas day meal at the Larruperz centre, or arrange a home delivery, then please make a booking by contacting either Age UK or EnviroAbility in Ross on telephone numbers 01989 763887 or 01989 763388.

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Community Hall Appeals for Help!

The Robert Pashley Hall, has successfully served the village of Walford  and surrounding area since 1965,  providing a venue for many groups to meet, for children to have birthday parties, wedding parties and, in the summer, hosting Caravan Clubs.

For the last few years, it has been a struggle to gather together a committee to administer the Hall and its activities but they have always managed.  However, this year they lost one of their major users, the Walford Pre-School Playgroup; this was due to financial pressures and an insufficient new intake of children.  The Playgroup Staff also provided the Hall with three committee members who, understandably, will not be standing for re-election.

Whilst there are representatives of some of the regular user groups on the committee, all the Officers, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Booking Clerk wish to stand down having served for a number of years.

The hall is in a sound financial position but, in order to continue providing its charitable remit to provide a valuable community resource, it is vital to find new committee members.  They hold quarterly committee meetings and often get things done by consensus but need new blood.

With the loss of the Pre-school Playgroup, there are now several daytime ‘slots’ available;  the Robert Pashley Hall needs a lively and inventive committee to help to organise the best use of the hall.

If you think you could have something to offer please contact the Secretary on 01989 562424 or email