Draft NDP – Informal Consultation Questionnaire

The draft Neighbourhood Development Plan, Meeting Housing Need & Site Assessment report, and supporting reports can be read HERE.

You can view the presentation videos, slides and scripts HERE or proceed directly to the Questionnaire using the button below.

If you have a question before completing the questionnaire please email info@walford-ndp.co.uk.

Closing date for questionnaire completion is 15th April 2021.

Informal Consultation – Second Session

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We received in excess of 40 questions from the first informal consultation session.  Thank you, your input is vital to the development of a successful NDP.  The questions and responses will be published on the NDP website as soon as we have worked our way through them.

Seed Swap Update

One week left to go!  What weather we have had for this past week – icy winds, snow, heavy rain… spots of sunshine… the seeds have been out, protected of course, every day.  Please do come along and visit Oak View, Leys Hill.  There are plenty of seeds, and it would be great to finish next Saturday with no seeds left.  Thank you to all who have visited so far. It is a real joy to see that seeds have gone, and new ones (or plants) have been added.


NDP Informal Consultation Dates


https://youtu.be/6iLlb8Ret8M is for February 22nd

https://youtu.be/pZmdufb7LgI is for March 15th

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Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan Published

The Initial Draft of the Walford Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan has been published on the NDP website.  At present it is incomplete, awaiting parishioner input on the preferred housing option, iconic views and a few other updates.  We welcome your comments and questions in preparation for Regulation-14 submission to Herefordshire Council.

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