Environmental Working Group 3 December 2019

Draft Notes Environment Working Group Meeting December 3rd 2019 Bishopswood Village Hall, Meeting room Present Cllr Newbert Cllr Cole Cllr Dolman Ward Councillor Watson Attending as members of the public – Cllr Evans, Bridget Vine 1. Apologies Cllr Smith Cllr Jackson Cllr Jordan 2. Declarations None 3. Public Participation Session Bridget Vine expressed her wish … Read more

Environmental Working Group 17 September 2019

Present Cllr Newbert Cllr Jackson Cllr Cole Cllr Jordan ward Cllr Yolande Watson Member of the public Mr Dave Berry 1. Apologies – Cllr Guy Smith 2. Declarations – None 3. public participation session – no questions 4. Update on progress – List of authorities contacted given and update on hedgerow destruction Leys Hill 5. … Read more

Environmental Working Group 31 July 2019

Present Sian Newbert, Elizabeth Jordan, Richard Jackson, Guy Smith Ward Councillor Yolande Watson & Andrew De La Haye Chair NDP Absent Simeon Cole Apologies None Declarations None Sian Newbert was elected co-ordinator and Elizabeth Jordan note taker. Terms of Reference To be recommended to the council 4.9.19 with one amendment- To meet bi-monthly. Items discussed … Read more