Community Engagement Working Group 7 May 2020

Held by Video and Teleconference At 7.30pm on Thursday 7th May 2020

Cllr Puzey welcomed new working group members Cllr van Lienden and Cllr Cole.

It was agreed to have a short break at 8:00pm to clap for carers.


1.       Apologies:  To accept apologies and note reasons for absence.


2.       Declarations:  To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations.



3.       Minutes:

a.       To accept minutes of last meeting as correct.

Minutes of meeting held on 9th January 2020

b.       To agree whether minutes be corrected by email immediately following meeting given the 3 months between meetings.

It was agreed to approve the minutes of the meeting by email as soon as possible following the meeting.

4.       To review website redevelopment progress.

a.       Progress report.

Cllr Puzey reported that figures for tracking are not available at present, waiting on Mark Millmore to amend. The last point at which they were available approx. 400 people per month were visiting the website.

Subscriber numbers are constant at approx. 130.

No additional features have been added to the website since the last meeting. Council business and news articles continue to be added as they arise – primarily around Covid-19 and local support availability.

b.       What else should be added to the website?

With little response from groups and clubs.  This will be put on hold until a greater response is received. Cllr Puzey asked for ideas on what might be added to increase functionality and community information.

It was agreed that we should add information on local businesses and services starting within the parish and spreading to perhaps a 5-mile radius.  Cllr Akers to liaise with Cllr Chin and use the sponsorship lists from the WCSS as a start point.

5.       Parish Newsletter:

a.       Report on conversions to email delivery.

Cllr Puzey reported that just 18 people have electronic version of the newsletter, most seem to prefer the printed version.

b.       To agree the outline content (articles) of the parish newsletter (see attached document).

It was agreed that the following articles were appropriate for this issue:

·         NDP project update

·         Covid-19.

o   Surviving the lockdown

o   Where to get help

o   Coming out of the lockdown

·         Editors message – Coming out of Covid-19

·         Facebook page

·         New Clerk, WCSS coordinator and councillors.

·         Things to look out for while on exercise walks – Cllr Newbert to prepare.

·         Summary of year – Cllr van Lienden to prepare.

Subject to space available

1-minute break for clap for carers.

6.       Facebook page proposal.

a.       Getting access to page.

Cllr Puzey reported that Angus Macintosh is currently the administrator. I have been in contact and he asked the Clerk to verify I was the okay to have access – lost down a black hole.

Cllr Akers to liaise with Mr Macintosh to arrange passing of administration ownership to the Clerk.  The clerk can then assign administration rights as required.

b.       Verifying basic information.

Cllr Puzey noted that Website address, email contact info etc. should be verified and updated.

c.       To decide should this be a Group or Page?

A discussion followed as to whether Facebook should be as is set up now (as a Page) – anyone can post to the page and anyone can comment on a post, but only the admin can respond.  Some of these setting may be modified by the Admin.  Or as a group you must be an approved member to comment and view. Rules and moderators can be appointed. People from outside the group cannot add content.

It was agreed that we should start as a page then move to a group if it was thought necessary.

7.       Review the following policies and procedures:

Cllr Puzey reported that a complaint received regarding a newsletter article and was to be discussed at council meeting when Covid-19 broke.  Will come onto agenda again.  He believed that the working group were given authority to produce the newsletter, but this has not been recorded in minutes of any meeting.

a.       Do we have delegated authority to produce newsletter?

Cllr van Lienden to check with HALC and report back.

b.       Should we have a TOR for the editor?

Cllr van Lienden to check with HALC and report back.

8.       Notice boards:

a.       Do we have the right number and what is their usage?

It was agreed that the number across the parish was about right.

b.       What is the condition of the notice boards?

Cllr Cole is awaiting costs on replacing one board at Hom Green.

The board at Colts stores needs replacing but ownership is unknown.

c.       Develop a “Posting notices procedure”?

It was agreed that the current procedure with individuals responsible for each board seemed to be working and should remain unchanged.

9.       Items for next meeting agenda (No discussion)

a.       Local business information for website.

b.       Newsletter content.

c.       Facebook progress.

d.       Parish calendar and photo competition.

10.   Next meeting: – date to be agreed

Wednesday 12th August 2020 7:30pm

Meeting closed 8:20pm

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