What does your Council do you for you all year?

We are the first tier (Local Government) of a two tier Unitary System, the Principal Authority being Herefordshire Council.

All Councillors have been duly elected by people in the area.

Parish and Town Councils were formed by an act of parliament in 1894 to look after the interests of those who live within the parish, town or community, with the District and County Councils and now most recently the Unitary Authorities being responsible for amongst other things, health, police, education, planning, litter, public transport and highways.  Parish and Town Councils do however have a wide and varied range of powers in relation to the provision of services and facilities which can and do bring direct benefits to the local community.

It is perhaps easier to explain what we are not:

  • We are nothing to do with the church, who are governed by Parochial Councils (PCC)
  • We are not politically affiliated
  • We are not ‘residents’ associations or ‘lobby’ groups
  • Councillors are not paid

However, what we do is represent the residents who live within our Parish on matters of local government. Some of these include:

  • Local Planning (which covers anything from satellite dishes to new developments and roads)
  • Economic development
  • Environmental matters
  • Community projects
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Contact with the District and County Council
  • Complaints
  • Information and advice

As Walford Parish continues to grow and prosper, the representational aspect becomes increasingly more important. Decisions taken by the Unitary Authority may well affect the quality of life within our Parish, therefore the role of the Parish Council is of utmost importance!

In a continued effort to ensure services are retained locally, Walford Parish Council’s aim is to pursue the attainment of ‘Quality Status’ which will bring with it even greater responsibilities and possibly divulged powers from both the Unitary Authority and other governmental bodies, thereby ensuring Walford Parish Council may continue to serve the Community on a local level to the best of its ability.