DRAFT minutes of Full Council Meeting 21.7.21

Minutes of the meeting of Walford Parish Council
Held Wednesday 21st July 2021, 7:30pm
At Bishopswood Village Hall

Present: Councillors Akers – Chair, Cole, Dolman, Drummond, Francis, Evans, Curtis, O’Brien, Petersen, Vine, Whelan, van Lienden
In attendance: D Berry (Clerk)

1. Apologies for absence: Councillor Chinn

2. Declarations of interests:

Councillor Cole Planning application 212498 – pecuniary
Planning application 212521 – pecuniary

Councillor Francis Planning application 212498 – pecuniary
Planning application 212521 – pecuniary

Councillor Whelan Planning application 212156 – nonpecuniary

Councillor Drummond Planning application 212156 – nonpecuniary
Planning application 212498 – nonpecuniary

Councillor Curtis Planning application 204443 – nonpecuniary

Councillor van Lienden Planning application 212222 – nonpecuniary

3. Minutes: Resolved to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 19th May and 23rd June 2021 The Chair signed the minutes.

4. Public Participation Session:
4.1. No West Mercia police representative was present
4.2. A written report was provided by Ward Councillor Watson
4.3. A written report was provided by the Localities Steward (who was not present). The Clerk was instructed to invite the new Locality Steward to a forth coming meeting.
4.4. Clerk’s report – Future reports will include a summary of correspondence received Resolved to receive and note the reports at 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4
4.5. Public participation session: Two members of the public spoke in opposition to planning application P204443. Two members of the public spoke about the state of some of the footpaths. Three members of the public spoke in relation to the NDP

5. Finance: –
5.1. Resolved to approve the payments on Appendix B
5.2. Resolved to ratify the payments on Appendix B

6. Projects:
6.1. Community Support Scheme – A written report was provided
6.2. Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch – A written report was provided
6.3. Safety & Environmental Working Group: – A written report was provided. The working group were requested to provide Council with options for the disposal of the felled timber from KBCL for consideration at the next meeting Resolved to receive and note the reports at 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3

7. NDP Steering Group: –
7.1. The “Sway System” was demonstrated
7.2. Resolved that the closing date for site submissions shall be 4th August 2021
7.3. Resolved to adopt the revised Terms of Reference rev. 1.3

8. Highways and public rights of way: –
8.1. A written report was received from the PROW Officer
8.2. A written report was received from the Lengthsman Coordinator Resolved to receive and note the reports at 8.1 and 8.2

9. Councillor roles: –
9.1. Resolved the appointment of: Councillor Petersen – Resilience Coordinator and
Councillor Whelan – Police liaison
9.2. The following working group additional appointments were agreed
9.2.1. Flooding – Councillor Vine
9.2.2. Community Engagement – Councillor O’Brien
9.3. Resolved to appoint Councillor leads as follows: –
9.3.1. Leys Hill junction – Councillor Akers
9.3.2. Website / potential migration to .gov / Councillor emails – Councillor Francis
9.3.3. Smartwater – Councillor van Lienden

10. Procedures / Protocols: –
10.1. Resolved to adopt the Media policy ver. 1.0 dated July 2021
10.2. Resolved to adopt the Communications Protocol ver. 1.0 dated July 2021

11. Planning: – The following applications for determination by Herefordshire Council were considered
11.1. 204443 – Despite the applicant’s reduction in quantity of proposed dwellings, Walford Parish Council still object to the subject planning consultation for the following reasons:
• Whilst Howle Hill has been identified as a settlement, it is a hamlet comprising a scatter of dwellings and this proposed development would represent a density that would be completely out of keeping with the area
• The services and amenities that qualified Howle Hill as a settlement no longer exist and have long since been turned into private dwellings e.g., the pub and church, therefore, it would not be a sustainable development and would be contrary to Core Strategy policy RA2
• The proposed site is not in a sustainable location with access being via unlit, steep, narrow and winding country lanes. Church Lane located off Howle Hill road, is a narrow dead-end single track with no pavements or verges which struggles to cope with the current level of traffic
• The siting and urban style of houses being proposed is not in keeping with the character of the hamlet and would be contrary to Core Strategy policy RA2
• There would be a significant increase in light pollution arising from these dwellings
• There is no public transport therefore the development is not sustainable (contrary to Policy SS1)
11.2. 212047 – no objection
11.3. 212050 – no objection but we request that a condition be applied to prevent the use of lighting during hours of darkness.
11.4. 212156 – no objection
11.5. 212222 – by majority vote objected to this application due to access issues [6 objected, 4 support, 1 abstention]. It was considered that as Leys Hill is a narrow rural lane to have three further access points would be too many.
11.6. 212498 – unable to support this application due to potential concerns regarding the Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Management Report provided by the applicant. The concerns relate to the explanation of the site water discharge into the Castlebrook which adjoins the proposed development site and the decisions and proposals for flood mitigation measures which is felt may have future serious impact on Walford parish. Table 3 on Page 15 of the report gives figures which indicate great differences between the range of flows from average to 1 in 100-year events. The ponds proposed are only dealing with the average flow rates and would probably be better sized for the extremes of severe rainfall we now seem to be more regularly subjected to – at all times of the year and not just in winter.
11.7. 212521 – no objection Notes: 204443 – Cllr Curtis left the room. Majority objection, Cllr Cole and one other supported 212156 – Cllrs Drummond and Whelan left the room 212222 – Cllr van Lienden left the room 212498 – Cllrs Drummond, Cole & Francis left the room

12. Church Road signage: – the Lengthsman has applied to the utility companies for stat plans to identify any underground services prior to installation of signs

13. Leys Hill junction: – further correspondence with BBLP required

14. Councillor Emails: – costed proposal received from HALC

15. Smartwater: – Application to be processed by Councillor van Lienden / Clerk

16. Items for the next meeting agenda: –
16.1. The tender for the Lengthsman contract
16.2. Review committee terms of reference
16.3. Review policies and procedures
16.4. Approval of Standing Orders
16.5. Smartwater
16.6. Defibrillators and cabinets
16.7. NDP
16.8. Leys Hill junction
16.9. The Dam
16.10. Disposition of the felled timber from KBCL
16.11. Website / emails / .gov
16.12. Church Lane signage

17. Next meeting: – Wednesday 18th August 2021 at 7:30pm – Walford Village Hall. The meeting closed at 21:33

PC draft minutes 21.7.21

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