Draft minutes of NDP Steering Group 10 September 2019

NDP Steering Group Meeting held on 10th Sept 2019 at 7:00~9:00pm in WVH

Attendees : A De La Haye, S Cole, B Puzey, J Stern, D Berry, C Barron, I

Public Participation
1. The meeting was asked if it would discuss whether we really need to make an NDP. This was discussed and the steering group concluded that we wanted to continue to make an NDP.
Consultants discussion actions.

1. Agreed to widen the choice of consultants in addition to the two submissions already received. – A De La Haye to contact 3 more candidates (Claire Rawlings, Julie Joseph, David Nicholson) requesting a 2 week feedback, and delay the selection to E/Oct.
2. Candidate interviews to be held B/Oct – by A De La Haye, C Barron and J Stern.
3. Interview criteria to be prepared and circulated – C Barron/J Stern to draft by 2nd Oct mtg.
4. Submit application for funding – After Consultant selection.
5. Prepare Consultant/WPC contract agreement – J Stern to contact Goodrich/Whitchurch PC NDP Chairs to get copies of their Consultant agreements.
(Post meeting note: we should target the next WPC mtg scheduled for 16th Oct to present the Consultants Contract to be debated and agreed by the Council before sign off. This is a critical item for the 2nd Oct mtg).

Finance actions.

6. Prepare Financial budget template – D Berry by 2nd Oct Mtg.

Communications actions.

7. Circulate Strategy doc including feedback forms, populate forms with
historic information – B Puzey.

8. Make a Parish communication strategy proposal for the Parish Party @
27th Oct BVH – B Puzey by 2nd Oct mtg.

9. 27th Sept Web site training attendees – B Puzey, R Abolins, C Barron,
I Matthews.
Planning actions.

10. Provide feedback to C Barron “Google Drive” folder structure and
usage. – All by 2nd Oct mtg.

Other actions.
11. All documents a (inclu Historic) to be made public.

Next meeting Wed 2nd Oct WVH @ 7:00 (venue/time TBC).