DRAFT Minutes of NDP Steering Group 5 December 2019

Held at Walford Village Hall
Thursday 5th December, 2019 at 19:00

Councillors: Simeon Cole, Bob Puzey
Non- council members: Andrew De La Haye (Chair), Leigh Russell, Chris Barron
Members of the public – Seven members of the public were present

In attendance: Bill Bloxsome

1. Apologies for absence – Dave Berry, John Stern, Ian Matthews
Dave Berry has resigned from the NDP Steering Group

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation – It was agreed that declarations of interests would be made as they became subject during the meeting.

3. Minutes – it was resolved to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 13th November 2019 as a true and accurate record. They were signed by the Chair.

4. Finance
4.1 Report on Spending.
• Dave Berry was absent so no finance report was discussed. As Dave has resigned from the steering group Leigh Russell agreed to take over this role.

5. Communications
5.1 Review Launch Events
• 49 Walford residents attended the launch events on 23rd & 30th November.
• A total of 400 people have visited the NDP pages and approx. 100 people have visited the NDP facebook page
• The aim is to achieve 80 people attending the next meeting in Feb 2020
• Bob Puzey will circulate the summary of questions asked at the two launch meeting and create an FAQ
5.2 Website progress
• Dedicated NDP Website expected by the end of Jan

6. Planning
6.1 Review and amend the project plan
• The next key event will be at the end of Feb 2020
• A plan of what is to be covered at the Feb meeting needs to be agreed at the next meeting

7. Other items
7.1 Core strategy and NDP review meeting 20th December 2019 – It was agreed that Chris would attend this
7.2 A question of do we want a village design statement was tabled. It was agreed that design is important and therefore the community would be asked their views at the meeting at the end of Feb.

8. Consultants
8.1 Development of vision. It was agreed that Bob & Leigh would draft the NDP aim and seek views from the local school and those on the facebook page. This would be brought back to the steering group in Jan.
8.2 Development of the objectives. The objectives proposed by Bill Bloxsome were discussed and Bill will re-word the proposed objectives for review in January

9. Items for next meeting agenda
9.1 Standard agenda items
9.2 Agree Feb event format & content
9.3 Review the proposed “aim” of the NDP
9.4 Review the revised objectives

10. Date of next meeting
TBC 7:00pm at Walford Village Hall.

The Chair closed the meeting at 9.00pm


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