Draft minutes of Personnel Committee meeting 22 October 2019

Held at Walford Village Hall
Tuesday 22 October 2019 at 7.30pm

Present: – Councillors: Joanne Akers (Chair), Simeon Cole, Bob Puzey, Monica van Lienden
In attendance: Richard Abolins (Clerk), 3 members of the public

1. Apologies: – Karen Chinn (holiday)

2. Declarations of interest: – none.

3. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting: –
It was resolved to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 23 July 2019 as a true and accurate record. They were signed by the Chair.

4. Disclosure and Barring Service: –
Cllr Akers reported that following discussion in the WCSS working group, it was felt that there should be reference to the DBS process in the Safeguarding policy. It was resolved that Cllr Akers should draft an insertion to the Safeguarding Policy and submit it to the Full Council at the next meeting.
Further discussion on the process revealed that there may need to be a budget for DBS applications. It was resolved that Cllr Akers would obtain more information and that £500pa should be included in the budget for DBS applications.

5. Training budget 2020/21: –
It was acknowledged that it was difficult to be precise over training requirements, but the members agreed that an adequate budget should be provided. It was resolved to propose a budget of £100pa for each councillor and the Clerk.

6. Public participation session: –
A councillor member of the public suggested that the Council was not working properly as a team and needed more guidance and training on such practical things as submitting items for inclusion on the agenda. Cllr Cole commented that training was essential. The Clerk pointed out that certain things such as agenda items were included in the standing orders but were very dry. He felt that some guidance notes might be useful. The Committee agreed and asked him to produce some straightforward guidelines.
An ex-councillor member of the public said that despite some initial teething problems when the new council was first elected, he felt that the Council was not doing badly and was beginning to gel with some useful work. Unfortunately, these efforts were being overshadowed by other events.
The Committee asked the Clerk to put training on the next Council meeting agenda and to circulate a list of current HALC training courses for councillors to put themselves forward for.
The Committee agreed to extend the time limit on the session to hear a letter from an ex-councillor member of the public to the Chair of the Personnel Committee in which he expressed his concern over the occurrences at the Council meeting on 16 October. The Chair said that the Council had no powers and he would need to refer to the Monitoring Officer if he wanted to pursue the matter. The member of the public stated that he did not wish to at this time.

7. Items for next meeting agenda: – to be set as required

8. Next meeting: – a date will be set when a meeting is required

It was resolved that the public should be asked to leave the room

9. Confidential closed session: –
9.1 The WCSS Co-ordinator’s appraisal had been carried out. The report is being written up and will be circulated when completed.
9.2 It was resolved to recommend to the Finance Committee to pay the Clerk overtime for his work in quarter ended 30 September 2019.
9.3 The Committee wished to increase the salary budget next year to give them scope for reviewing salaries in March 2020. It was resolved to budget for a 5% increase plus an allowance for overtime.

The meeting closed at 20:40

PDF copy of draft minutes