Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting 19th May 2021

Minutes of Walford Parish Annual Council Meeting
Held at Walford Village Hall
Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 7.30pm

Monica van Lienden (incumbent Chairman), Councillors: Joanne Akers, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole, Ruth Dolman, Eric Drummond, Heather Evans, Gemma Curtis, Hannah Francis, Frances O’Brien, Mark Petersen, Bridget Vine, Ross Whelan

In attendance: Dave Berry – Clerk

a. Before the business of the meeting began the Clerk witnessed the new councillors signing their declarations of acceptance of office.
b. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Annual Council Meeting and congratulated new councillors on their election

1. There were two nominations for Chairman: – Councillor Akers, nominated by Cllr Dolman and seconded by Cllr Evans Councillor Cole, nominated by Cllr Petersen and seconded by Cllr Francis A secret ballot was held, and Councillor Akers was elected.
Councillor Akers signed the declaration of acceptance of office and the Clerk received it. The outgoing Chairman handed over the position of Chairman to Councillor Akers.

2. The declarations of acceptance of office from councillors were received.

3. Apologies: – None

4. Declarations: – None

5. Vice Chairman: – Councillor Drummond was nominated and was duly elected unopposed.

6. To appoint committees: –
6.1 Finance Committee – to be six members including the Chair, six councillors offered to stand including the Chair,
6.1.1 Cllr Akers Cllr Chinn Cllr Evans Cllr Drummond Cllr Whelan Cllr Cole
6.2 Personnel Committee – to be five members including the Chair, eight councillors offered to stand including the Chair, a secret ballot took place the result being,
6.2.1 Cllr Akers Cllr O’Brien Cllr Chinn Cllr Dolman Cllr Evans
6.3 It was resolved that the clerk should contact HALC to get some dates for councillor training.

7. Finance: –
7.1 Resolved to approve payments on Appendix 1
7.2 Resolved to ratify the payments on Appendix 1

8. Church Road HGV signs: – Cllr Curtis provided an update of recent incidents caused by HGV’s and the Clerk advised the new signs have been received, the Locality Steward has been requested to attend a site meeting to confirm location of the signs.

9. Leys Hill junction: – An email was received from Balfour Beatty on the day of the meeting, it will be circulated to the members of the working group and discussed at the next Council meeting.

10. Public participation session: –
10.1 A resident asked how a councillor who had resigned could then stand for re-election. The response was that it is legal.

11. Items for next meeting agenda (No discussion)
11.1 NDP
11.2 Approval of year end accounts and signing Annual Return
11.3 Standing orders / Financial regulations
11.4 To appoint working groups
11.5 Appointments and representations
11.6 Programme for councillor training
11.7 Relations with the press / media
11.8 The tender for the Lengthsman contract
11.9 Church Road signage
11.10 Leys Hill junction
11.11 Phoenix Meadow
11.12 Smartwater
11.13 Disposition of the felled timber from KBCL
11.14 Email alias
11.15 Update on WA25 / 50

12. Next meeting: – Wednesday 23rd June 2021 at 7.30pm in TBA
The meeting closed at 20:57
SIGNED ___________________________________________ DATE _________________________

WPC Minutes 19 May

Appendix 1 proposed payments 19.5.21

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