Minutes of the Full Council Meeting 17.2.21

Held online Wednesday 17th February 2021, 7:30pm

Present: Councillors: van Lienden (Chair), Akers (Vice-Chair), Cole, Dolman, Evans, Drummond
In attendance: D Berry (Clerk)

1. Apologies for absence: Councillor Chinn – family reasons

2. Declarations of interests: None

3. Minutes: Resolved to adopt the minutes of the meetings held on 20th January 2021 as a true record of the meeting. The Chair will sign the minutes once physical meetings resume

4. Public Participation Session:
4.1. No West Mercia police representative was present
4.2. A written report was provided by Ward Councillor Watson
4.3. A written report was provided by the Localities Steward (who was not present)
4.4. There were no questions for the Clerk’s report
4.5. Public participation session – a member of the public commented on planning application 204443

5. Finance: –
5.1. Resolved meetings will be held bimonthly
5.2. Item 12 Resolved to continue WPC meetings monthly and to approve payments when the Finance Committee does not meet

6. Projects:
6.1. Community Support Scheme – A written report was provided
6.2. Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch
6.2.1. A draft permissive access agreement was presented, the clerk was instructed to seek legal opinion
6.3. Smartwater awaiting a response from the police contact
6.4. Neighbourhood Development Plan the TOR is being updated and will be considered at the next meeting

7. Highways and public rights of way: –
7.1. To receive report from Lengthsman Co-ordinator – clerk to contact BBLP re culvert on Bulls Hill
7.2. To receive report from the Rights of Way Officer
7.3. This item was withdrawn by the Chair
7.4. Resolved to sign up to the Lengthsman / P3 contract for 2021/22

8. Planning: –
8.1. Resolved there were no objections to planning application 204469 Land at Coughton Lawn
8.2. The applicant was invited to speak. Resolved Council objected to planning application 204443 Land adjacent to The Old Kilns Church Lane

9. Safety/Environmental Working Group:
9.1. A working group has been set up to consider flooding within the Parish
9.2. Consideration of hiring SIDS speeding devices is to be deferred until April
9.3. Resolved for councillors Evans, Cole and the Clerk to arrange to meet the neighbours of the Dam to resolve the boundary

10. Community Engagement Working Group: – A written report was provided

11. Resilience Plan: – deferred to next meeting

12. Online meetings: – see 5.2

13. Items for next meeting agenda (No discussion): –
13.1. Smartwater
13.2. NDP terms of reference
13.3. Lengthsman contract
13.4. Resilience plan
13.5. Ditches
13.6. S106 / CIL

14. Next meeting: – Wednesday 17th March 2021 at 7.30pm – venue and style of meeting to be confirmed

The meeting closed at 21.10

PC minutes 17.2.21

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