Minutes of the Full Council Meeting 17th March 2021

Held online Wednesday 17th March 2021, 7:30pm

Present: Councillors: van Lienden (Chair), Akers (Vice-Chair), Cole, Dolman, Evans, Drummond, Chinn
In attendance: D Berry (Clerk)

1. Apologies for absence: None

2. Declarations of interests:

Councillor Cole planning application 210307 – pecuniary
Councillor Chinn planning application 210307 – nonpecuniary

Councillor Dolman planning application 210059 – nonpecuniary

3. Minutes: Resolved to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 17th February 2021 subject to addition at item 7.1 “clerk to contact BBLP regarding culvert on Bulls Hill” (one councillor who was not present on 17th February abstained).
Resolved to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2021
Certified as true records of the meetings. The Chair will sign the minutes once physical meetings resume

4. Public Participation Session:
4.1. No West Mercia police representative was present
4.2. A written report was provided by Ward Councillor Watson
4.3. A written report was provided by the Localities Steward (who was not present)
4.4. There were no questions for the Clerk’s report
4.5. Public participation session – Mr Cansdale asked if BBLP had been chased re Leys Hill junction and where some of the historical balance sheets could be found on the website

5. Finance: –
5.1. Resolved to approve the payments on Appendix B
5.2. Resolved to ratify the payments on Appendix B
5.3. Some changes were requested to the updated Financial Regulations, to be represented in April
5.4. Resolved to approve maintenance/repair costs up to £800.00 plus VAT for KBCL
5.5. Resolved to approve the clerk’s overtime of 12 hours for February 2021
5.6. Resolved to approve payment of SLCC subscription of £178.00

6. Projects:
6.1. Community Support Scheme – A written report was provided
6.2. Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch
6.2.1. The clerk will calculate the RPI increase to the management fee when the indices are published and invoice RHL in accordance with the contract
6.2.2. The clerk will obtain an estimate of legal fees for consultation re permissive access agreement.
Councillor Cole advised that the tree works will be completed on 29/30 March 2021
6.3. Smartwater The Chair will provide the paperwork to clerk for completion
6.4. Neighbourhood Development Plan – a written report was provided
6.4.1. Resolved the TOR version 1.2 was adopted with one objection from Councillor Cole as he did not agree with Structure 5)
6.4.2. Resolved to submit S106/CIL list to Herefordshire Council

7. Highways and public rights of way: –
7.1. To receive report from Lengthsman Co-ordinator
7.1.1. Lengthsman contract deferred to the next meeting
7.2. To receive report from the Rights of Way Officer
7.2.1. Request an update re bridge at WA25 from the Locality Steward
7.2.2. Pavement improvements

8. Planning: –
8.1. 210059 (Cllr Dolman moved to waiting room) no objection – comment on visibility
8.2. 210185 No objection
8.3. 210307 (Cllrs Chinn & Cole moved to waiting room) no objection
8.4. 210325 No objection – comment on access and visibility

9. Councillor contact: – the clerk and chair will investigate the most cost-effective solution to provide email aliases for all councillors

10. Confidential correspondence: – the clerk clarified that where correspondence was received that was restrictively marked such as “Confidential”, a response would be made, if appropriate, requesting permission from the author to share it pointing out that the clerk has no powers to act so if the correspondent is asking for something to be done it will need to be shared with the whole council or an appropriate committee. If permission is not granted the clerk shall judge whether to return the correspondence to the author.
Resolved to include suitable wording in the next iteration of the Standing Orders

11. Resilience Plan: – deferred to next meeting

12. Items for the next meeting agenda: –
12.1. Financial regulations
12.2. Permissive access
12.3. KBCL tree works
12.4. Lengthsman contract and competitive tendering
12.5. Standing Orders
12.6. Emails aliases
12.7. Smartwater

13. Next meeting: – Wednesday 21st April 2021 at 7:30pm – venue and style of meeting to be confirmed

The meeting closed at 21:29


PC adopted minutes 17.3.21

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