Minutes of the meeting of Walford Parish Council Wednesday 20 January 2021

Held online

Present: Councillors: van Lienden (Chair), Akers (Vice-Chair), Chinn, Cole, Dolman, Evans, Drummond
In attendance: D Berry (Clerk)

1. Apologies for absence: None

2. Declarations of interests: None

3. Minutes: Resolved to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 16th December 2020 as a true record of the meeting. The Chair will sign the minutes once physical meetings resume

4. Public Participation Session:
4.1. No West Mercia police representative was present.
4.2. A written report was provided by Ward Councillor Watson
4.3. A written report was provided by the Localities Steward (who was not present)
4.4. The Clerk’s report – the clerk was requested to provide a future update on the Resilience plan.
4.5. Public participation session: –
4.5.1. A resident raised the issue of the “Unsuitable for HGV’s” signage at Church Lane. It was agreed to implement the WPC resolution to purchase the signs once quotes for installation have been received and agreed.
4.5.2. A resident advised that a fallen tree is causing a potential hazard at the lower end of Howle Hill – Councillor Cole will contact the landowner.
4.5.3. Several residents raised the issue of flooding at Daycroft Lane that occurred on 23/24 December – WPC will put the subject on the next agenda (post meeting note: Councillor Drummond will meet with the residents to discuss the issues involved)

5. Finance: –
5.1. Resolved to agree the budget for 2021/22 as attached.
5.2. Resolved to submit a 2021/22 precept request to Herefordshire Council for £27,825 which is the same level as 2020/21.

6. Projects:
6.1. Community Support Scheme – Written/verbal report was provided by Councillor Chinn.
6.2. Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch – Councillor Cole requested to obtain an update re commencement of tree works.
6.3. Smartwater – Resolved to let PCC know WPC will proceed.
6.4. Neighbourhood Development Plan a written/verbal report was provided by councillor Dolman.

7. Highways and public rights of way:
7.1. To receive report from Lengthsman Co-ordinator – Resolved to clear the culvert alongside WA29 from Daycroft to the Pound as required
7.2. To receive report from the Rights of Way Officer – Nothing to report
7.3. Lengthsman contract – Resolved to ask for quotations for lengthsman. More information required for P3 for next meeting.

8. Planning: –
8.1. Resolved – 201652 KBCL Mobile café to support the application.
8.2. Resolved there were no objections to planning application 204227 Woodlands, Coughton.

9. Safety / Environmental Working Group
9.1. Resolved for the WG to prepare and submit a design requirement for the Leys Hill junction to Balfour Beatty requesting a quotation.
9.2. Resolved to not sell the Dam and write to Atlas House owners requesting them to clear the refuse.

10. Flooding: – Resolved to obtain an additional five hundred sandbags to be provided to parishioners upon request and at councillor Cole discretion regarding quantity.

11. Community Engagement Working Group: – Newsletter is due to published in February and will include a return slip for parishioners to request a copy of the online NDP presentation.

12. Online meetings: – Microsoft Teams vs Zoom to be deferred.

13. Items for next meeting agenda (No discussion): –
13.1. Flooding
13.2. Smartwater
13.3. Resilience plan
13.4. KBCL tree works.
13.5. Microsoft Teams
13.6. Lengthsman contract / P3 Agreement
13.7. Budget
13.8. The Dam

14. Next meeting: – Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 7.30pm – venue and style of meeting to be confirmed.

Resolved – Standing orders were unanimously set aside to allow the meeting to continue beyond 21:30
The meeting closed at 21:44

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