Draft minutes of the Personnel Committee

Held at Walford Village Hall

Tuesday 28 May 2019 at 7.30pm  


Councillors: Monica van Lienden (Chairman of the Council), Joanne Akers, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole, Bob Puzey

In attendance: Richard Abolins (Clerk), 5 members of the public

  1. Councillor van Lienden as Chairman of the Council took the Chair. Councillor Akers was elected as Chairman and took over the Chair from Councillor van Lienden,
  1. Terms of reference – it was agreed that the reference to Clerk’s appraisal in role 1(a) should be amended to “all staff appraisals”. It was RESOLVED to recommend this alteration to the Council.
  1. Policies
    • Anti-bullying – it was noted that the Complaints Procedure was over six years old and should be reviewed. The Welcome Pack needed to be completed. Acknowledgment of the policy would be made on a signature list rather than individual documents. It was RESOLVED to recommend this policy to the Council.
    • Grievance procedure – the Council’s decision on appeal should be final. It was RESOLVED to recommend this amended policy to the Council.
    • Disciplinary – it was agreed to change the title to Employee Disciplinary Policy for clarity. It was agreed that a paragraph should be inserted that the Chairman of the Personnel Committee would initiate disciplinary proceedings by calling a meeting of the Personnel Committee. It was RESOLVED to recommend this amended policy to the Council.
    • Dealing with unreasonable behaviour – in response to a letter from a resident, Councillors Akers and Chinn and the Clerk had checked the policy against the HALC policy and Local Government Ombudsman Office guidelines. There were a couple of differences but the list of examples in the Council policy was not significantly more prescriptive than the others. There were items that were worthy of more consideration, but it was RESOLVED that the Clerk should obtain more advice from HALC and the Committee would review the policy at the next meeting.
    • Equality – what relevant protected characteristics were needed to made clearer. It was RESOLVED to recommend this amended policy to the Council.
    • Equal opportunities – what relevant protected characteristics were needed to made clearer. It was RESOLVED to recommend this amended policy to the Council.
  1. Training
    • HALC will be carrying out councillor training on 20 June at 7.00pm. Inevitably, not all councillors were available that night, but other sessions would be arranged. It would also be possible to arrange internal training in future.
    • Given the amount of training required, it was felt that the training budget was inadequate. It was RESOLVED to ask the Finance Committee for additional funding.
  1. Performance management
    • It was suggested that in order to get the best out of everyone, there should be performance measures possibly in line with the Good Councillor Guide. Whilst it was acknowledged to be a good idea, the Committee could see problems in setting these measures. It was agreed that an alternative would be:
      • Improve communications with residents
      • Set up an action plan
      • Improve training
    • It was RESOLVED that the Chairman and the Chairman of the Council would undertake staff appraisals.
  1. Vexatious complainants list

There was only one entry dated from November 2018. It was RESOLVED to remove this entry from the list.


  1. Items for next meeting agenda
    • Review of training policy
    • Review of Complaints Procedure
    • Review training budget

It was RESOLVED that the public should be asked to leave the room

  1. Confidential closed session
    • The Clerk will maintain a timesheet and his hours will be evaluated quarterly.
    • The proposal was based on the desire to recognise the Clerk’s qualification and status on the Council. The Clerk explained that although the title was not set in law, it was used in common practice and to change it would be confusing at best and not advised. It was agreed that it might be helpful to communicate to councillors and residents what the role entails.
  1. The date of the next meeting –will be set when requested information has been received.

The meeting closed at 8.48pm

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