Enjoying Public Rights of Way Over Farmland

PLEASE respect livestock in fields when using our paths.

If you are a runner, you may not realize that stock may be frightened if you run towards & through them.

PLEASE be respectful & careful.

There is a runner locally, who’s actions have caused havoc.  If you are that person – PLEASE take some care in fields with livestock: slow down & be aware of how the animals are reacting to you.  If stock are scared, & run through fences, serious injury may result.


Heather Evans

Walford Parish Rights of Way

2 thoughts on “Enjoying Public Rights of Way Over Farmland”

  1. Hi, we continually suffer speeding motorists, tractors and lorries through Walford. The 30mph signs by the village hall are obscured by the trees and hedges. Whilst I’m sure most of the morons will ignore the signs it might slow a few down – can the trees/bushes be cut back? Can consideration also be given to additional speed signs before there is a serious accident? Thanks.

    • Thank you for your comment Roger. I have passed the information on o the Lengthsman coordinator who will organise cutting back the trees and bushes. I have also passed your request for more signs to the Clerk. The Safety Working Group are currently looking into road safety issues and in particular speeding through Walford. Minutes of their meetings are available on this website and you are welcome to attend meetings.




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