Walford Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting – NDP Debate

8th September 2021 @ 7:30 pm

Agenda for the meeting of the Parish Council

Members of the Parish Council are summoned to attend an extraordinary meeting on 8th September 2021 at 7:30 pm
At The Inn on the Wye – Goodrich Suite
The press and public are invited to attend

1 Apologies: – to accept apologies and note reasons for absence

2 Declarations: – to receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations

3 Public Participation Session: – to receive representations from the public 3-minute limit per person (15 minutes in total)

4 NDP Decisions to be considered: –

4.1 To consider whether to allocate housing sites

4.2 To consider what constitutes a major development within Walford (including an explanation and rationale)

4.3 To consider which housing sites, if any, should be included in the NDP (with reasoning)

4.4 To consider whether to allocate Settlement Boundaries
4.4.1 If Settlement Boundaries are to be allocated, to consider where each Settlement Boundary should be; (starting with the built-up areas identified in the Meeting Housing Need and Site Assessment report, plus any selected development sites to be included in the draft NDP and any other areas the Council feel should be included – guidance note 20 refers)
4.4.2 To consider what Policy is to be included if any Settlement Boundaries are defined without allocated sites (amending or removing draft NDP Policies WALF17 through WALF21)

4.5 To consider any additional criteria which housing development should meet

4.6 To consider if a Views Policy should be included in the NDP or leave it to the AONB guidance
4.6.1 If a Views Policy is to be included, to consider the approach to be taken To include only views from a PROW or road, i.e., views that can be readily experienced by all Parishioners and visitors alike To include a Policy that strengthens the AONB approach to preserving views

4.7 To consider approval of existing completed Policies

4.8 To consider if any new Policies should be included

4.9 To consider any other amendments to the NDP Draft Plan

4.10 To consider how to proceed to finalise the draft NDP and subsequent submission to Herefordshire Council.

Agenda 8.9.21


RTC – proposed Walford site allocations – June 2020


210831_Planning Applications since 2011

210901_Housing Update to WPC

210901_Questions to HC 20th August 2021


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