Walford Parish Full Council – 20th October 2021

20th October 2021 @ 7:30 pm
Walford Village Hall

Agenda for the meeting of the Parish Council
To be held at Walford Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th October 2021
Councillors are summoned to attend; the press and public are invited to attend
The meeting may be recorded

1. Apologies: To accept apologies and note reasons for absence

2. Declarations: To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations

3. To consider minutes of the previous meetings held on 8th and 15th September 2021

4. Public participation session: –
4.1. To receive an update from West Mercia Police.
4.2. To receive a report from Ward Councillor Yolande Watson.
4.3. To receive a report from the Localities Steward.
4.4. Public participation session 3-minute limit per person (15 minutes maximum)

5. HALC: – To receive a presentation from HALC and consider renewal of membership for 2022

6. Bishopswood Village Hall Community Project: – To receive a presentation and consider support for the Project

7. Phoenix Meadow: – To receive the Clerk’s report and consider options

8. Finance: –
8.1. To consider and approve the payments on Appendix B
8.2. To apply for a Lloyds Debit card and maintain £500.00 in the Lloyds Treasurers account

9. Projects: – To receive written reports from the following projects and working groups and consider action
9.1. Community Support scheme Coordinator
9.2. KBCL Maintenance Coordinator 9.2.1. To consider disposition of the felled timber from KBCL
9.3. Flooding Working Group
9.4. Police liaison

10. Highways and public rights of way: – To receive written reports and consider actions
10.1. PROW officer
10.2. Lengthsman coordinator

11. NDP: – To receive a report from the NDP Steering Group and to consider action in preparation for submission to Herefordshire Council for Regulation 14
11.1. Accept the Meeting Housing Needs and Site Assessment Report Addendum 4
11.2. Review and approve Bishopswood settlement boundary
11.3. Approve the final draft NDP document, version TBA
11.4. Review Reg. 14 consultation arrangements and agree list of consultees
11.5. Instruct the NDP Steering Group to prepare and conduct the Regulation 14 consultation.

12. Personnel: – To receive an update from the Personnel Committee

13. Planning: – To comment on applications for determination by Herefordshire Council – see Appendix A

14. Website and email: – To consider changing to .gov website and activating email addresses

15. Leys Hill junction: – To provide an update

16. Smartwater: – To provide an update

17. Items for next meeting agenda: (No discussion)
17.1. NDP
17.2. Leys Hill junction
17.3. To review Code of Conduct
17.4. To review the terms of reference for Finance and Personnel Committees
17.5. Review remaining policies and procedures
17.6. Section 106 considerations
17.7. The Dam
17.8. Lengthsmans contract
17.9. Herefordshire Local Plan Update

18. Next meeting: – 17th November 2021

A resolution will be passed to exclude members of the public from the following confidential employment item

19. Employment matters relating to the replacement Clerk/RFO: –
19.1. To receive a report from the interview panel
19.2. To consider the appointment of the panel’s recommended candidate for the position of Clerk/RFO
19.3. To approve the terms and conditions of employment including:
19.3.1. Number of hours to be worked per week
19.3.2. Salary point in line with nationally recommended scales
19.3.3. Start date including any handover period from the existing Clerk/RFO


1. Agenda 20.10.21

3. Minutes EM_8.9.21

3. PC minutes 15.9.21

4.2 Oct_Ward Councillor Report

4.3 Loc Steward report

6. Community Project Summary

7. PM report

8.1 Appendix3 proposed payments 20.10.21

9.1 WCSS report – 14.10.2021

9.3 Flooding WG meeting notes

9.4 October 2021 – Police Liason Representative Report

10.1 PROW Report

13. Appendix A planning applications