Walford Parish Council Full Council

13th December 2021 @ 7:30 pm
Walford Village Hall

Walford Parish Council

To be held at Walford Village Hall

at 7.30pm on Monday 13th December 2021

Councillors are summoned to attend; the press and public are invited to attend

The meeting may be recorded

  1. Apologies: To accept apologies and note reasons for absence
  2. Declarations: To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations
  1. To consider minutes of the previous meeting held on 17th November 2021.
    • To sign the minutes of online meetings held during lockdown
    • To consider outstanding confidential minutes
  2. Public participation session:
    • To receive an update from West Mercia Police.
    • To receive a report from Ward Councillor Yolande Watson.
    • To receive a report from the Localities Steward.
    • Public participation session: three (3) minute limit per person (15 minutes maximum)
  1. Finance:
    • To consider and approve the payments on Appendix B
    • To review and approve Finance and Personnel Terms of Reference.
    • To consider a replacement Parish Noticeboard for Walford Village Hall
  1. Projects: To receive written reports from the following projects and working groups and consider action
    • Community Support Scheme Coordinator
    • KBCL Maintenance Co-ordinator
      • To consider the process for selling the felled timber from KBCL.
    • Police Liaison
    • Safety & Environmental Working Group
      • To consider the Balfour Beatty Community Commissioning Assessment Request for Green Meadows
      • To consider the Environmental Policy
    • Community Engagement Working Group
  1. Highways and public rights of way: To receive written reports and consider actions
    • PROW officer
    • Lengthsman Co-ordinator
    • Lengthsman tender/contract.
    • To consider a response to the proposed diversion of footpath WA1 Cubberley Estate
  2. NDP: To receive a report from the NDP Steering Group and to consider action
  3. GDPR:To consider the GDPR slide presentation
    • To consider Councillor GDPR responsibilities
    • To consider the updated Risk Register
  1. Planning:
    • Herefordshire Local Plan Questionnaire Update
    • To comment on applications for determination by Herefordshire Council – see Appendix A
  2. Website and email: To receive an update and consider any action associated with changing to .gov website and activating email addresses
  3. Leys Hill junction: To provide an update
  4. The Dam: To provide an update and consider surveyor quotations.
  5. Smartwater: To provide an update and consider establishing a Working Group for project roll-out.
  1. Phoenix Meadow: To consider the current position.
  2. 2022 Meeting Dates: To note 2022 meeting dates and locations
  1. Items for next meeting agenda: (No discussion)
    • NDP
    • Resilience Plan
    • SmartWater
    • Leys Hill Junction
    • Website and email
    • Herefordshire Climate and Nature Partnership Board
    • 2022-2023 Budget
    • 2022-2023 Precept
  1. Next meeting: 12th January 2022 – Bishopswood Village Hall

1. Agenda 13.12.21

4.2. 2021_Dec_Ward Councillor Report[30313345]

5.2. TOR finance v2 – December 2021

5.2. TOR personnel v2 – December 2021

6.3 December 2021 – Police Liason Representative Report

6.4. Environmental Policy – DRAFT – Ross Whelan – Nov 2021

6.4. Walford Parish Council – Assessment Request Form – Green Meadows v2

8. 211215_WPC_NDP progress report

9.1. GDPR – Councillor Training

9.2. Walford Parish Council – Risk Register v0.2

December 2021 – Police Liason Representative Report

Appendix B proposed payments 13.12.21

Proposed Meeting Dates – 2022

Appendix A planning 13.12.21