Walford Parish Council Meeting

10th April 2020 @ 11:00 am
Online - this is a closed meeting

Agenda for the meeting of the Parish Council
to be held online
At 11.00am on Friday 10 April 2020

Councillors are summoned to attend; the press and public are not invited to attend because of the confidential nature of the agenda

1. Apologies: – to accept apologies for absence

2. Declarations: – to receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations

3. Minutes of previous meeting: – to consider minutes of the meeting held on 18 March 2020

4. Personnel: –
4.1. To approve the appointment of the Parish Clerk/RFO
4.2. To approve the appointment of the WCSS co-ordinator

5. Next meeting: – to be arranged

Signed R J Abolins Clerk to the Parish Council 6 April 2020