Inn on the Wye – Community Food Boxes

Louise at The Inn on the Wye is providing a non-profit community food box order and pick-up service.

Each £20 box contains: Bread, Milk, Pasta, Eggs and a selection of fruit and vegetables.  There is a choice of red or green top milk and white or brown bread, but no substitutions.

To order: email with your telephone number.  Louise will call you back two days before the order goes in to take your order and payment over the phone.

On placing your order you will get an allocated pick-up slot (there are currently no deliveries). When you arrive the box will be placed outside and the door shut so that no social contact is necessary.

At present collection days are Monday and Thursday with collection slots 15 minutes apart.  Last orders for Monday pick-up are the previous Thursday evening.  Last orders for Thursday pick-up are the previous Tuesday evening.

Thank you Louise for helping to support our community.

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