Minutes 17 October 2018

Held at Walford Church – St Michael and All Angels Wednesday 17 October 2018 at 7.30pm


Councillors: Frank Myers (Chairman), Eric Drummond (Vice Chairman), Dave Berry, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole, Heather Evans, Nesta Hirst, Sophie Hurley, Murray Alston, Michael Agyeman, Neil Parfitt

In attendance: Richard Abolins (Clerk), Ward Councillor Paul Newman.  Approx. 12 members of the public.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Guy Smith and Angus McIntosh.
  1. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation – Councillor Myers declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 8.1 Riversea Holdings. The book was signed accordingly.
  1. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting

It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 29 August 2018 as a true and accurate record. They were signed by the Chairman.

  1. Public Session
    • Representations from the public

A resident produced photographs of the recent flooding at the Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch and expressed concern over the amount of gravel being washed into the river and the suitability of the site for a café. The Chairman thanked her and said that the Steering Group would monitor the situation.

  • Report from the Community Support Co-ordinator

Since the last meeting, 52 hours’ worth of assistance to members of our Parish has been provided–including social outings, visits, shopping trips with clients & help with transport to hospital, dental & GP appointments.

In the summer, the new Social Prescriber for our area, Megan Clifford, arrived. Her role is to co-ordinate the efforts of charities and community groups similar to ours in an effort to link us all up together and share information regarding our services. The Community Support Co-ordinator is working on building a close working relationship with Megan in order to progress our work.

Publicity within the community is a priority, both to increase the number of people who need to be aware of our services and to increase the number of volunteers. There is no minimum time requirement – all contributions are welcome.

What’s on Walford continues to provide successful outings in conjunction with the Ross Action Bus charity for transport.

The annual Christmas fundraiser/social is being planned for 5 December.

Collaboration with Walford Primary School continues and currently there is a poster competition for the upcoming publicity drive.

The Co-ordinator has been in touch with the GPs in Alton Street. Leaflets are available in surgeries, but it’s hoped that the personal touch may be more effective.

  • Police Representative – there was no report.
  • Report from the Ward Councillor

A parish council summit is being held by Herefordshire Council tonight. The evening aims to improve the way Herefordshire Council works with parish councils to share collective knowledge and experience and identify practical ways to work together to address challenges and promote opportunities for improved services. A report on the outcomes of the summit will be provided.

Herefordshire Council has introduced a new, cost effective way of communicating its programmes, being a 12-page publication called Herefordshire Now. It cost under £500 to produce and is available to download or view via the Council’s website.

Having attended the Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch meeting, the Ward Councillor hopes that this will be an appropriate foundation for us all to move forwards within a well understood and inclusive project.

At the last parish council meeting, the Ward Councillor reported that he had produced and delivered 150 leaflets to residents around Fowbridge Gardens to see if there is a need for an enhanced engagement with the Ross Action Bus charity. He reported that more than sufficient need was identified and having met with Ross Action Bus again, it’s been agreed that a new monthly bus service will be established, at no cost to this parish, to take out local residents who may struggle to get out on their own. The first trip is scheduled for 21 November.

  • Localities Steward – there was no report.
  1. Planning
    • There were no outstanding applications.
    • The planning Update report was noted.
    • Neighbourhood Planning

Will Warburg, Chair of the Neighbourhood Planning Working Group reported that he is meeting the consultant on Friday and will provide an update at the next meeting.

  1. Finance
    • The Finance Chair reported that the external auditor had completed their report and given us a positive certificate. They reported – “On the basis of our review, of Sections 1 and 2 of the Annual governance and Accountability Return (AGAR), in our opinion the information in Sections ! and 2 of the AGAR is in accordance with Proper Practices and no other matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.”
    • The Bank Reconciliation was checked and signed by Councillor Hirst, being a non-bank signatory.
    • The Income and Expenditure account for September had been produced and will be circulated shortly.
    • It was unanimously RESOLVED to approve the following payments
  2. Autela Payroll Services payroll services for quarter 2                                             £48.26
  3. Eric Drummond hire of Goodrich Village Hall for Parish Meeting                 £60.00
  4. HALC temporary clerk                                                               £802.08
  5. HMRC quarter 2                                                                         £356.82
  6. PKF Littlejohn LLP  external audit                                                                 £360.00
  7. Richard Abolins  clerk’s expenses                                                            £277.29
  8. Tate Computers annual domain registration                                                £72.00
  9. WCSS petty cash                                                                      £200.00
  10. WCSS expenses S Hayes mileage                                                              £43.45
    • The proposed payment to Metric Group was rejected. Their invoice should be sent direct to Herefordshire Council.
    • It was unanimously RESOLVED to ratify the regular payments
  11. WCSS salary
  12. Clerk salary
  13. Sage subscription September                                                                       £26.40
  1. Highways / Rights of Way
    • Lengthsman – there are a couple of drains in need of attention, but everything else appears in order.

Rights of Way – nothing to report.

7.2     There were no works orders to approve.

7.3     The Clerk will review the Lengthsman’s contract and report at the next meeting.

  1. Parish Projects
    • Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch

The recent meeting gave everyone the opportunity to air their views and there was nothing to add other than to bring to the meeting two points raised by a member of the public. Firstly, he wanted detailed accounts relating to the Canoe Launch to be published on the website. It was felt that since the figures are included in the regular accounts and that these are scrutinised by auditors, there was no need to do this.

Secondly, he wanted the Chairman to resign his position on the board of Riversea Holdings. It was felt that the Council had appointed him as the representative on the board and there was no need to reverse this decision.

  1. Land at the Dam – No progress has yet been made. The Clerk will re-engage with the resident who had previously shown interest in purchasing the land, to apologise for the delay and to determine whether there is a current interest in pursuing negotiations.
  1. Forest Green – The male cuttings of the black poplar continue to be cultivated. Councillor Evans attended a meeting of the Herefordshire Tree Wardens and has identified some female cuttings to be put down to coincide with the male cuttings. The process may take a couple of years. The Clerk will respond to the query raised by a resident.
  1. GDPR – Councillor Parfitt produced a portfolio of documents. Councillors will review these with a view to adopting them at the next meeting.
  1. Meeting dates for 2019 – The proposed dates were noted, and it was agreed that the Clerk be authorised to finalise the venues as required.
  1. Review of website and IT – Councillor Parfitt agreed to lead a working group to review IT requirements. Councillor Agyeman and the Clerk will join him.
  1. Review of committees, working groups and officers
    • Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch working group

Eric Drummond, Dave Berry, Murray Alston, Simeon Cole, Frank Myers

  • Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group

Will Warburg, Murray Alston, Simeon Cole, Michael Agyeman, Frank Myers

  • Community Support

Sarah Hayes, Sophie Hurley, Karen Chinn, Dave Berry, Frank Myers

  • Finance Committee

Karen Chinn, Frank Myers, Dave Berry, Simeon Cole, Angus McIntosh, Heather Evans

  • Resilience Co-ordinator – Dave Berry

Police liaison – Karen Chinn is being replaced by Neil Parfitt

Rights of Way Coordinator – Heather Evans

Lengthsman Coordinator – Simeon Cole

  1. Items for next meeting agenda
    • To receive update on Bishopswood Village Hall toilets
    • To receive draft budget for 2019/20
    • To consider the Lengthsman Contract
    • To consider review and update of website
    • To receive an update and consider actions regarding the land at The Dam
    • To adopt the GDPR documents
    • To receive an update on the WA50 footpath
    • To receive an update on the village sewerage facilities
  2. The date of the next meeting – The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21 November at Bishopswood Village Hall
  1. Confidential closed session (summary)
    • It was RESOLVED to send an invoice to Hereford CC in respect of Kerne Bridge infrastructure costs.
    • Having established no conflict of interest, the Council approved the Clerk engaging in a separate part-time employment.
    • It was RESOLVED to write to a parishioner to end a series of vexatious correspondence.

The meeting closed at 8.19pm