Minutes 22nd November 2017

Minutes for the meeting of the Parish Council held at Bishopswood Village Hall on Wednesday 22nd November at 7.30pm

Present:  Frank Myers – Chairman

Councillors: Shane Carlson, Murray Alston, Dave Berry, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole, Heather Evans, Sophie Hurley, Angus McIntosh.

In attendance:  Clerk Catherine Murray. Ward Councillor Paul Newman.

  1. Apologies: Eric Drummond (Family Commitment), Nesta Hirst (On leave), Luke Freeman (Work commitment)
  1. Declarations: Angus McIntosh (Item 7.1.1 planning: Non-pecuniary) Frank Myers (Item 9.1: Non-pecuniary)
  1. Minutes: It was unanimously RESOLVED to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held on 11/10/16
  1. Reports:
    • Community Support Co-ordinator:  Sarah Hayes explained the scheme to those present and gave an update.  Cllr Chinn thanked Sarah for her hard work and explained that the PC has secured3 avenues of additional funding for the scheme.
    •  Police representative – was not present.
    • Ward Councillor Paul Newman: Gave his report: Which covered Herefordshire Council’s budget, the Community Support Scheme and the Canoe Launch Site planning application.
    • Localities Steward – was not present.
  1. Public Participation Session: (Summary) A discussion was held, during which some members of the public continued to express concerns about Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch Site, putting numerous questions to the PC, whilst others expressed their support, commending the work that has been carried out there; the Chairman and Councillors answered their queries, by explaining that proper process is being followed and that as a public body, the PC will abide by the decisions of the authorities. Past minutes relating to the decisions made by the Council regarding the launch site are available on the website. The Vice Chairman read out a statement, outlining the PC’s position regarding the canoe launch site and ended with the following: “Finally, if it would help to allay any concerns about the vision and future direction of travel for the KBCL site, we would be happy to host a Public Discussion Session – to give residents the time and opportunity to gain a better understanding of the way ahead”.

The felling of a dead Oak Tree at Forest Green, land which is being managed by the PC, was raised by a member of the public, who was concerned about the process and this was responded to by The Chairman.

Concern about the safety of the road junction at Leys Hill was also expressed by a member of the public and the Chairman explained that engagement had taken place with Herefordshire Council and attempts have been made to improve sight lines by cutting back undergrowth, but discussions are still ongoing with the Highways Authorities.  The Clerk will contact Herefordshire Council again about the junction.

  1. Finance: The bank reconciliation, Finance Appendix A and bank statements for October were noted and signed.
    • Update from the Finance Chairman: Cllr Chinn gave an update following the Finance Committee Meeting.
    • Precept and Budget: Budget Appendix A(2) and proposed Budget for 2018-19 had been circulated and all information is posted on the website.
      • Recommendations from the Finance Committee on the budget and precept: Cllr Chinn explained that the Finance Committee has discussed the figures and propose a net increase of £1 per band D household.  The Chairman commended the work done by Cllrs Chinn and Berry.
      • To discuss and approve the budget and if appropriate set the precept for 2018-19: The Finance Committee recommended postponing acceptance of the budget and setting of the Precept until the next meeting on 10th January 2017. It was unanimously RESOLVED to postpone this until the January meeting.
  1. Planning:
    • Planning Applications: Planning Appendix B was noted and comments put forward on:
      • Application No: Site: Arbour Hill Farm, Lincoln Hill, HR9 7TH.

Comments:  There were no objections to the application.

  • Application No: Site: Flaxley house, Walford, HR9 5SB.

Comments:  There were no objections to the application.

7.1.3     Application No: 173615.  Site: Hill View Villas, Coughton, HR9 5SE.

Comments:  There were no objections to the application.

  • Application No:  Site:  High Ridge, Walford, HR9 5RJ.

Comments:  In principle there were no objections, but Councillors were concerned about the lack of a visual impact assessment.

  • Application No:   Site:  Land at Courtfield Farm, Welsh Bicknor.

Comments:  There were no objections, but the council asked that consideration be given to using a mast  that looks like a tree.

Delegated PowersApplication No: 173436.  Site:  Colt Garages, Wyeside Park, HR9 5QX.

  • Neighbourhood Planning:
    • Update: Mr Warburg, the Steering Group leader was not present but sent a report:  The Consultants at AECOM have visited Walford to look at all the sites and continue to assess the 16 sites put forward for consideration; the NDP group met to look through the sites, so as to understand the consultant’s findings and to incorporate them into the plan.  A draft report is being compiled and is anticipated to be completed within 2 weeks. After reviewing information and consulting on the findings, the NDP can move on to the next stage.  The Chairman explained how the ‘call for sites’ system works.
  1. Highways / Rights of Way / AONB: (Appendix D contains Councillors Highways & Rights of Way Reports.)
  • Report from the Lengthsman Co-ordinator and Rights of Way Officer:  Work is continuing according to schedule.
  • Work orders for the Lengthsman and Rights of Way: None further than those included in the Annual Plan.
  • Forest Green Management:  The Chairman explained that the tree was dead and presented a hazard, so needed to be dealt with; but the sequence of events around the removal of the dead oak tree had involved a breakdown in communication, and he expressed apologies for this.  The letter from a member of the public regarding the felling of the tree will be responded to by the Clerk.  <<Action Clerk>>
  1. Parish Projects:  
  • Community Support Scheme:  Nothing further than the information above under item 4.1.
  • Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch Site:  Offer from Mr J. Vaughan.  The Working Group had met to discuss receipt of the offer and recommended that the PC should consider that having entered into an agreement with Riversea Holdings, that because the bid was submitted 8 months after the timed process of inviting expressions of interest was completed, it cannot be pursued because the process is closed.  This was proposed and seconded and it was unanimously RESOLVED not to pursue the offer from Mr Vaughan.

Councillor Carlson read out a statement, prepared by him, covering concerns raised by the public about the Canoe Launch Site.

  1. Land at The Dam:  Enquiry from Mr Dinnick about purchasing a small parcel of land at the Dam:  The Clerk was asked to find out from Mr Dinnick why he wishes to buy the land and to look for evidence of the land in PC records; making enquiries that do not involve any financial outlay; also, to check on the cost of using a district land surveyor.  <<Action Clerk>>
  1. Information and correspondence
  • Appendix C, Appendix D, meeting dates for 2018 and HALC Information corner were noted.
  • Herefordshire Local Plan: Travellers Sites Development Plan (Deadline 18.12.17): This will be looked at and it will be considered whether the PC needs to meet to consider it.
  • Responses required to correspondence received during October:

Planning Enforcement Officer Scott Low:  The Clerk will respond stating that the PC disagrees that there has been an unauthorised access created onto the B4234.

Letter from Orchard Bank:  The Clerk will respond.  <<Action Clerk>>

Mr Jackson’s letter to Councillors: The working group will meet to consider the issues raised and the Clerk will respond appropriately.  <<Action Working Group and Clerk>>

  • Councillors reports on local matters: Cllr Evans raised the issue of the state of the roads and pot holes. The Clerk will contact Kevin Williams. <<Action Clerk>>
  1. Brief public response session: 

A member of the public thanked the PC for the explanatory statement, but asked why questions need to put forward to learn what the PC is doing. The Chairman explained that the PC tries to keep the public informed via the newsletter, website and Facebook site and by holding meetings.

Another asked how a planning application can be submitted on PC owned land by another party, The Chairman explained.

Mr Vaughan commended the use of and development of the site, but expressed his view that an opportunity has been missed and his disappointment that his offer had not been given consideration.

A member of the public re-iterated his concerns about the Canoe Launch Site.

Another member of the public asked about the Neighbourhood Plan and an explanation of the process was given as well as an estimate of 2 years for the process to be completed.  The questioner was invited to approach the NDP Group if he wished to participate in the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

  1. Items for next meeting agenda (No discussion)
  2. Next meeting: 10/01/17 Full Council @ 7.30pm at Walford Village Hall.
  3. Confidential Closed session: (The public were asked to leave the room)

Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch.