Minutes 27th June 2018

Minutes of Walford Parish Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 27th June 2018 at Walford Village Hall


Councillors: Frank Myers (Chairman), Eric Drummond (Vice Chairman), Guy Smith, Michael Agyeman, Dave Berry, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole, Heather Evans, Sophie Hurley, Nesta Hirst, Neil Parfitt.

In attendance: Helen Tinson – HALC (meeting cover).    Approx. 9 members of the public.

Prior to the first agenda item Chairman Frank Myers offered welcome to members of the public and apologised for the brevity of the agenda.  A normal agenda is expected to resume at the next meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Angus McIntosh and Murray Alston.
  1. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … Eric Drummond declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 5.1.3, Arbour Hill House and signed the book accordingly.
  1. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting … 16th May 2018

It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.

  1. Finance

It was noted that in order to proceed with completion of external audit documents, Cllr Karen Chinn was appointed by the Finance Committee as temporary Responsible Finance Officer until a new Clerk/RFO is recruited, unanimously approved by full council.

  • The internal audit report dated 20 June 2018 was presented and approved noting no concerns or recommendations.
    • The Finance Committee reported they will be reviewing a number of policies which will be proposed for adoption at the next meeting.
    • The Period for the Exercise of Public Rights will run from 2nd July to 10th August 2018.
  • The Finance Committee reported a thorough assessment of the AGAR Governance Statements and recommended ‘YES’ is answered in each box. It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendations of the Finance Committee and the form was signed by Chairman Frank Myers and Acting Clerk Helen Tinson.
  • It was reported that annual accounts 17/18 had been assessed by the Finance Committee and distributed to all councillors. It was RESOLVED to adopt the Annual Statement of Accounts and the form was signed by Chairman Frank Myers and Acting RFO Karen Chinn.
  • There are no payments outstanding due to the Lengthsman and this item was considered an administrative error and discarded.
  1. Planning
    • Application 181920 … The Sunday School, Church Road, Howle Hill. Proposed raising of roof on existing ‘lean to’ extension and changing doorways. Installation of a ‘Velux’ type flat roof-light in keeping with main house roof.  No objection was noted and it was RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application.
    • Application 182165 … Woodside, 3 Cedar Grove, Coughton, HR9 5RY. Reduction in height (mostly) to mature Common Lime in rear garden to reduce to previous pruning points and various limbs overhanging neighbouring property. It was noted the reduction would represent no more than 15% of total crown and it was RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application.

Cllr Eric Drummond left the room in accordance with his declaration of interest.

  • Application 182014 … Arbour Hill House, Lincoln Hill, Ross on Wye. Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission S1200387/F to allow the height of the dwelling house to be increased.  No objection was noted and it was RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application.

Cllr Eric Drummond returned to the meeting.

  • Application 181851 … Land adjacent to Myrtle Cottage, Howle Hill. Replacement of existing barn and home office building with new dwelling and change of use of 0.5ha from agricultural to residential garden space including vehicle manoeuvring space and new three bay garage with home office above. There were no objections to the building but significant reservations were made about increased traffic accessing a very busy road.  It was RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application subject to appropriate traffic management consultation.
  • Application P181706/FH … 2 Parbrook Cottages, Walford. Proposed single storey rear extension.  No objection was noted and it was RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application.
  1. To consider sharing cycle route feasibility study with Ross Town Council:
    • It was reported that some time ago a feasibility study was undertaken to assess the use of the old railway as a cycle path. The project is currently dormant with no foreseeable plans to revisit it. Ross Town Council have asked to see the study. Some discussion took place and a query raised as to whether the study was already available online.  It was RESOLVED to share the study pending clarification on copyright.
  1. Items identified for next meeting:
    • Adoption of Electronic Banking Policy
    • Adoption of updated Financial Regulations
    • To consider the land at The Dam
    • Business Plan for Canoe Launch
    • To consider date for public meeting re Canoe Launch
    • GDPR Update
    • Consider updating and renewing website
    • Review committees, working groups and officers
    • To consider meeting dates for 2019
  1. To consider a schedule of meeting dates for the year:

It was noted that meeting dates have been set to the end of 2018 and it was RESOLVED to check hall availability and revisit this agenda item to book dates into 2019.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item:

  1. Employment of new Clerk/RFO
    • It was reported that the interviews arranged via HALC had taken place and an offer had been made to an excellent candidate. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, she had been unable to accept the offer. It was decided not to offer the post to the second candidate.
    • It was agreed that the recruitment of a new Clerk/RFO was now urgent and, following lengthy discussion, it was RESOLVED to advertise via an online forum such as Indeed and/or Monster, in addition to continuing to advertise through HALC. Costs were discussed for online advertising. Options to advertise and promote the vacancy on Social Media (ie Facebook, Linked In) were also discussed and approved.  It was further RESOLVED to delegate authority to Cllrs Sophie Hurley and Karen Chinn to advertise with online recruitment agencies and on social media as they considered appropriate to a maximum expenditure of £250.00.  Applications would be sorted matching skills and experience to a comprehensive job description and a short list for interview produced.

Meeting closed 8.25pm