Minutes 4th April 2018

Minutes for the meeting of the Parish Council held at Walford Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 4th April 2018

Present:  Frank Myers – Chairman

Councillors: Dave Berry, Karen Chinn, Eric Drummond, Heather Evans, Angus McIntosh, Murray Alston, Simeon Cole, Guy Smith.

In attendance:  Clerk Catherine Murray and several members of the public.

The Chairman read out a statement, explaining that the Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch Site will not be included on the agenda, or discussed, until a formal complaint process relating to the site has been completed by Herefordshire Council.

  1. Apologies: Sophie Hurley (Family commitment) Nesta Hirst (On leave)
  2. Declarations: None
  3. Appoint a new Vice-Chairman: Cllr Drummond was proposed and seconded and appointed as Vice Chairman.
  1. Parish Council Vacancy: Michael Agyeman gave his presentation to the Parish Council and as there were no other candidates, it was unanimously RESOLVED to co-opt him as a Councillor.

Note new vacancy: Which has occurred due to non-attendance of Cllr Freeman.  The vacancy was noted and the Electoral Services Office has been advised.  The vacancy will be advertised as usual.

  1. Minutes: It was unanimously RESOLVED to accept minutes of the previous meeting held on 28th February 2018. There was one amendment, recording a contribution from a member of the public, rather than a representative of Bishopswood Village Hall.
  1. Public participation session:

A member of the public reminded the Council that the new Councillor should sign a Declaration of Acceptance of Office; The Clerk provided the form, which Michael Agyeman signed, witnessed by the Clerk.

A member of the public reported that Rights of Way markers are being replaced, but the old markers are being left behind, on the ground.  Cllr Evans stated that she hadn’t instructed any new path signage yet and asked for a location, saying that she had not noticed any markers on the ground.

  1. GDPR: Data Protection legislation compliance.   Action date: 25.05.18.  The Clerk explained the criteria for compliance for Parish Councils and will contact those whose data is being held by the PC.  <<Action Clerk>>
  1. To receive brief verbal reports from and address any questions to:
    • Community Support Co-ordinator: A comprehensive update had been provided in the Annual Parish Meeting, held before the Full Council meeting.
    • Police representative: Was not present
    • Ward Cllr: Gave his report: Copy available from the Clerk.
    • Localities Steward: Was not present
  1. Finance: It was unanimously RESOLVED to approve and sign the bank reconciliation, Finance Appendix A and bank statements for March.
    • Update from the Finance Chair: The I&E Accounts are in draft form and on the website.  The Financial Year has only just ended and we are awaiting further invoices and payments before accounts can be finalised.
    • It was unanimously RESOLVED to approve the following payments:
      • Herefordshire Council (Election): £2,310.45
      • HALC Membership fee: £803.87
      • Terry Griffiths (Lengthsman & Rights of Way): £440.40 & £90 & £458.40
  • Clerk (Expenses March): £55.48
  • Community Support (Expenses March): £86.15
  • Petty Cash (Community Support Scheme): £100
  • Davies and Co Solicitors (Fees for legal services): £1,809.00
  • The payment to Walford Timber for Rights of Way hardware: £918.84 was noted.
  • Remuneration for Clerk’s additional hours: To be discussed in confidential session.
  1. Planning: Applicants and members of the public were invited to make comments prior to any discussion.
    • Planning Applications:
      • Application No: Site Address: Crown Cottage, Howle Hill, HR9 5SP.

Comments:  The Parish Council supported the application, there were no objections.

  • Neighbourhood Planning: There was no further information.
  1. Highways / Rights of Way / AONB: (Appendix D contains Councillors Highways & Rights of Way Reports.)
  • Leys Hill traffic management: The Clerk explained that she had requested a meeting with representatives from Herefordshire Council to discuss safety issues at the site and was awaiting a response.
  • Report from the Lengthsman Co-ordinator and Rights of Way Officer:

Lengthsman:  Work is progressing according to the Annual Plan.

Cllr Chinn asked about the number of pot holes and how they are to be dealt with.  The clerk explained that the process starts with Balfour Beatty, who has to assess the category of the pot holes before a decision is made to fill them.  Cllr Cole explained that the PC had resolved not to get involved in filling pot holes because of the liability associated with such work and he explained the process for inspection.

Cllr McIntosh said that pot holes are difficult for cyclists.

Cllr Berry reported that the footway to the church is badly damaged.  Cllr Cole said that this was the responsibility of Balfour Beatty.  Cllr Berry reported the pot holes at Coughton corner.  The Clerk was asked to report the issues raised to Balfour Beatty.  <<Action Clerk>>

Thanks were expressed to Cllr Cole for his efforts at snow clearing during the recent bad weather.

Cllr Evans said that tall and short waymark posts have been purchased in order to replace those which are falling over.  Cllr Evans is looking into the cost of pointers to go on waymark posts.

  • Work orders for the Lengthsman and Rights of Way:
  1. Parish Projects:   To receive updates and discuss further action.
  • Community Support Scheme: This has already been covered above.
  1. Land at The Dam:  The Clerk said Mr Dinnik had responded and that any costs associated with a survey to ascertain the value of the land should be recoverable as part of the sale process. Cllr Evans expressed concern about drainage and wildlife. This matter is to go on the next agenda for a decision about whether to take it further.  <<Action Clerk>>
  1. Information and correspondence                     `
  • Appendix C, Appendix D and HALC Information corner were noted.
  • Consultations: Goodrich and Welsh Bicknor NDP Consultation: The Chairman proposed that local residents respond as individuals and the NDP Steering Group was asked to respond on behalf of Walford Parish Council.  <<Action NDP Steering Group>>
  • Contact with the PC: Mail forwarding and PC phone contact after the clerk has left post: The clerk was asked to consult with HALC and inform Councillors. <<Action Clerk>>
  • Responses required to correspondence: Mr Suttill: Cllr Dave Berry, our Broadband Champion was asked to respond. <<Action Cllr Berry>>  Herefordshire Council Code of Conduct Consultation:  The Clerk was asked to respond.  <<Action Clerk>>
  • Councillors reports on local matters: Cllr Drummond reported 63 pot holes between the Church and Hom Green. The road surface on the B4234 at Kerne Bridge is delaminating. Cllr McIntosh reported the bad state of the road in Goodrich, he was asked to supply the Clerk with further information. <<Action Cllr McIntosh>>
  1. Items for next meeting agenda: Standing Orders Update.
  2. Next meeting: 16/05/18 Finance Committee @ 6.30pm ACM @ 7.30pm at Bishopswood Village Hall.
  3. Confidential Session:

Remuneration for the Clerk’s additional hours was discussed and it was unanimously RESOLVED to pay in accordance with the existing contract of employment and according to the figures presented.