Minutes of the Annual Meeting 16th May 2018

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Walford Parish Council held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 16th May 2018 at Bishopswood Village Hall


Councillors: Frank Myers (Chairman), Michael Agyeman, Murray Alston, Dave Berry, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole, Eric Drummond, Heather Evans, Sophie Hurley, Angus McIntosh,

  1. Election of Chairman … Frank Myers was unanimously re-elected and duly signed his declaration of acceptance of office form.
  1. Election of Vice Chairman … Eric Drummond was unanimously elected as Vice Chairman.
  1. Apologies for absence were received from Nesta Hirst.
  1. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation … There were none.
  1. Co-option to fill parish council vacancy

It was RESOLVED to co-opt Neil Parfitt to fill the parish council vacancy.  Mr Parfitt completed his acceptance of office form and joined the meeting.

  1. Open Session
    • Verbal reports were received from:
      • West Mercia Police … Simon Hall introduced himself as the new officer for the local area.
      • The Ward Councillor gave an update on Herefordshire Council matters.
      • The Localities Steward gave a brief report, answered questions about potholes and noted the concerns of parish councillors about a possible blocked culvert and gullies in the Goodrich Parish. Information was requested to be sent to the Chairman concerning the criteria for assessing potholes.  It was noted that the first cut of verges was likely to take place within the next 2-3 weeks.
    • Views of local residents on parish matters:
      • In response to a query about free car parking for residents at the canoe launch site, Cllr Drummond confirmed that information would be sent out to local residents via the parish magazine to encourage them to collect their passes.
      • A new resident in the parish requested additional avenues to promote community information on local events. It was noted that Village Hall events were advertised by the Hall Committee on their indoor noticeboard. The parish council website was likely to be revamped in the near future and could be more interactive.
  • In response to a query about confidential meetings being held to discuss possible new ventures connected to the Canoe Launch site which might have an adverse impact on the adjacent SSSI, Cllr Drummond assured residents that any future new ideas concerning the Canoe Launch site would be discussed at open parish council meetings to enable local residents to have their say.
  • In response to a query, Lynda Wilcox clarified that parish councillors were the only people able to amend or confirm draft minutes of a parish council meeting.
  1. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting … 4th April 2018

It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.

  1. Finance
    • It was RESOLVED to adopt the Donations policy
    • It was agreed to adopt the Project Finance policy at the next meeting with the proposed amendments from the Finance Committee concerning reserves.
    • Appointment of an internal auditor for 2017/18 … It was RESOLVED to re-appoint Jayne Dunstan.
    • Process for adoption of 2017/18 annual accounts … It was RESOVED to defer the item until the next meeting.
    • Consideration of external audit process for 2017/18 … It was RESOLVED to defer the item until the next meeting.
  1. Unreasonable Behaviour Policy for Non Members

10.1 It was RESOLVED to adopt the above Policy.

  1. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

A Working Group was established to consist of councillors Dave Berry, Angus McIntosh and Neil Parfitt. A report would be provided at the next meeting

  1. Highways/Rights of Way/AONB … Update and action:
    • It was noted that the current lengthsman contract may now have expired and that the council should consider retendering as part of its annual review. The current contract is likely to be stored on the Clerk’s laptop.
  1. Planning

Application P181406/FH … Peace Haven, Walford, HR9 5RF. Proposed first floor extension to provide master bedroom suite, plus new front porch. No objections were noted

  1. Parish Projects … Updates and action:
    • WCSS … It was noted:

There had been 22 social visits, 12 shopping trips and 4 transport trips.  Volunteer hours had amount to 65. The first collaboration with the Ross Action Bus had taken place on 2nd April.

Coffee mornings were taking place every second Tuesday of the month in the back of St Michael’s.

  • Canoe Launch:
    • There are temporary barriers in place at the site with a plan for putting in place safer and more permanent structures. The parking meter has arrived and parking signs will be required.
  1. Registration for GB Consortium Aerial photography

It was RESOLVED to register for free access to the above.

  1. Information Items were noted as:
    • Walford Open Gardens … 10.6.18.
    • Herefordshire Council notification of a new community website (WISH) for advertising community events.
  1. Items identified for next meeting:
    • Adoption of 2017/18 accounts
    • Completion of Annual Governance statement
    • Website overhaul
    • Project Finance Policy
    • GDPR update
    • Business Plan for Canoe Launch.
  1. Date of next meeting … Noted as Wednesday 27th June 2018 in Walford Village Hall.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item

  1. Employment of new Clerk/RFO
    • Members considered the following aspects.
      • Hours … As per outgoing Clerk’s contract.
      • Salary … Relevant to experience but in accordance with national guidelines.
      • Members of Interview Panel … Frank Myers, Dave Berry, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole.
      • Date and venue for interviews … HALC offices on Friday 1st
      • Start date … As soon as possible.
      • Training … CiLCA to be submitted within a year.