Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Walford Parish Council on Monday 4 May 2020

Held online
Monday 4th May 2020 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors: Monica van Lienden (Chair), Joanne Akers, Chris Barron, Karen Chinn, Simeon Cole, Ruth Dolman, Eric Drummond, Heather Evans, Elizabeth Jordan, Sian Newbert, Bob Puzey, Bridget Vine.

In attendance: Jayne Putland (Parish Clerk),

1. Apologies: – Councillors Guy Smith (email sent 20.03 hrs 04.05.2020)

2. Declaration of interests: – None.

3. Adoption of Minutes of previous meetings:
Cllr Cole informed the Chair that he was presently attending the Ross Parish Council meeting online as
Cllr Vine experienced technical issues at item 9 and was absence for around 10 mins of item 9
discussions and requested that this was recorded in the minutes.
Cllr Newbert requested that it be recorded in item 9 that due to technical issues could not follow the
voting process and requested that this be recorded in the minutes.
Cllr Cole proposed and Cllr Drummond seconded a motion to accept the minutes once the requested
amendments have been made. It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting of 22nd April 2020 were
approved subject to the requested corrections. The Chair will sign the minutes when lockdown is over
and physical meetings are permitted.

4. Meetings:

4.1 To review experience of online meetings to date.
The Chair thanked Cllrs for their feedback received and asked if there were any other issues that
had not been recorded, there were none. Cllr Cole requested that Zoom to be used for online
meetings as per HALC advice. Cllr Akers suggested that the council could use Go To Meetings,
which is a paid business online meeting system. The Chair stated that some new functions had
been found i.e. moving attendees to a virtual lobby when confidential discussions are taking place,
on the current free WebEx system, which would help for future online meetings. Cllr Chin
recorded that the sound quality at this meeting was better as all attendees were using the mute
function when not talking. Cllr Newbert felt that there was a need for a better process for voting
on online meetings. Cllr Akers and Cllr Newbert suggested that a school register system be used
for voting purposes.

4.2 To consider whether to subscribe to a paid hosting system.
The Chair asked Cllr Barron if there were any benefits to using the pay for functions of WebEx.
Cllr Barron had investigated this option but there were no outstanding benefits for the council.
Cllr Puzey stated that there was an option to obtain a grant to pay for online meeting systems but
this was rejected as there was no grant termination dates which could lead to a financial burden
for the council. Cllr Vine asked if the working groups could set up their own online meetings using
the WebEx system and the Chair confirmed this as correct. It was resolved to carry on using the
free WebEx system for future online meetings.

4.3 To consider action to be taken to improve systems.
The Chair stated from the feedback received, the voting process during online meetings needed
to be discussed on which system to be used i.e. electronic or physically putting hand up. Cllr
Barron had kindly offered to provide WebEx training to cover this issue. The Chair proposed the
system of asking individuals one by one for voting, and the Clerk will record and reiterate back.
It was resolved to accept this process of voting for online meetings.
Cllr Newbert was concerned over this system would work for public participants. Cllr Barron
explained there was no access difference between the public and Cllrs. The Chair informed that
as the host of the meeting, they could move members of the public to a virtual lobby if they were
behaving inappropriately. Cllr Evans couldn’t use headphones on her phone as no connector. Cllr
Barron to draft a plan for Cllr Evans to access future online meetings.
It was proposed that the following actions be considered:
• Headphones
• Public Participants
• Voting System (set up after training)

4.4 To consider setting up training sessions before the next meeting.
The Chair thanked Cllr Barron who is happy to set up some WebEx training sessions that would
cover the basic requirements i.e. mute/hands up/change screen layout functions to see all
attendees. Cllr Barron felt a mock meeting session would be beneficial where attendees could
take it in turns to be the host and use the additional functions. Six Cllrs would like to attend these
training sessions and as such this training could be undertaken in one session,
The Chair proposed that WebEx training sessions were delivered before the next meeting and
Cllr Jordan seconded. It was resolved that Cllr Barron facilitate WebEx training session before
the next meeting.

5. Clerks Equipment: –

5.1 Approve Purchase of printer.
Purchase of a printer, up to the maximum value of £100, had been approved at the 22.04.20
meeting. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 had been purchased for £89.99.

5.2 Approve purchase of office chair.
An office chair had been sourced for £39.99. Cllr Cole proposed the purchase and Cllr Akers
seconded. It was resolved to approve the purchase of the office chair for £39.99.

6. Items for next meeting agenda:

6.1 Online systems.

7. Next meeting: – Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 7.30pm online
The Chair closed the meeting at 20:20.

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