Minutes of the Meeting of Walford Parish Council on Wednesday 16 September 2020

Held online Wednesday 16th September 2020, 7:30pm

Present: Councillors: van Lienden (Chair), Akers (Vice-Chair), Chinn, Cole, Dolman, Evans,
In attendance: D Berry (Clerk)

1. Apologies for absence: Councillor Drummond

2. Declarations of interests:
• Councillor Akers – planning application P202321/FH nonpecuniary

3. In addition to the resignation of R Puzey the following councillors resigned immediately prior to the meeting: G Smith, C Barron, B Vine, S Newbert and E Jordan

4. Minutes: Resolved to adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 19th August 2020 as a true record of the meeting. The Chair will sign the minutes once physical meetings resume.

5. Public Participation Session:
5.1 No West Mercia police representative was present
5.2 Ward Councillor Watson requested an update for “No HGV” signs on Howle Hill due to large vehicles endeavouring to access Church Lane
5.3 A written report was provided by the Localities Steward (who was not present)
5.4 Public participation session – Mr De La Haye asked whether WPC intended to complete the NDP project and if so in what timescale. The Chair responded that the timescale would be discussed at agenda item 6.3 L. Russell asked if and when the site assessment report would be made public. The Chair confirmed that the report would be made public and it would be discussed at agenda item 6.3

6 Projects:
6.1 Community Support Scheme provided a written report
6.2 Kerne Bridge Canoe Launch
6.2.1 Resolved to pay the permit fee of £276.25 to the Environment Agency to enable activities to be carried out for remedial works
6.2.2 A tree survey has been received that will be used as a basis to obtain competitive quotations for the work identified and the on-going maintenance. Resolved to establish a task & finish working group to identify companies who wish to tender for the work and to evaluate the bids and recommend a successful bidder for Council approval. The working group will consist of councillors Cole, Chinn and Dolman together with the clerk.
6.3 Resolved to convene an extraordinary meeting for the NDP, agenda to be prepared – Cllr Evans abstained as not happy with the way it is going

7 Planning:
7.1 P202848/PA7 Cherry Tree Barn – WPC were not being asked to comment on this application as it was presented as permitted development (post meeting note the application has been refused) Councillor Akers was moved to the electronic lobby
7.2 P202321/FH Brook House – there were no objections Councillor Akers returned
7.3 P202493/F Land adjacent to Road Cottage – there were no objections

8 Finance:
8.1 The Finance chair reported that the following had been resolved:
8.1.1 To replace the Sage accounting software with Solar Accounts
8.1.2 To outsource the payroll to Autela Payroll Services
8.1.3 To pay for the clerk’s CiLCA registration fee and training

9 Highways and public rights of way: –
9.1 To receive report from Lengthsman Co-ordinator – Nothing to report.
9.2 Traffic Regulation order at Leys Hill Junction – this item was deferred to await further information
9.3 The Rights of Way Officer was unable to provide a verbal report due to a technical problem with the online system, but a report was emailed to the clerk as follows:
9.3.1 Complaint received regarding cyclists being told not to ride on bridleways – I clarified that cyclists are allowed on bridleways
9.3.2 Bridge now replaced on WA25

10 Working groups:
10.1 Resolved to delete the terms of reference for the Community Support Group as the requirements are fully covered by the job requirements of the co-ordinator
10.2 Clerk to email members of the amalgamated SWG/EWG’s to set up a meeting

11 Items for next meeting agenda (No discussion): –
11.1 Leys Hill junction
11.2 HGV signage on Howle Hill

12 Next meeting: – Wednesday 21st October 2020 at 7.30pm – venue and style of meeting to be confirmed

The meeting closed at 20:49


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