Report a Problem

Emergency Services

Phone: 999

Police Non-Emergency

Phone: 101 or visit the West Mercia Website

Medical Non-Emergency

Phone: 111 or visit the NHS-111 Website for urgent (non emergency) issues, otherwise phone your GP for an appointment.

General Issue

Bin collection, Dog poo, Overfull bins, Fly tipping, Graffiti, Abandoned vehicles etc. Visit the Hereford Council Website

RoadsĀ  Problem

Pot holes, Faulty lighting, Overhanging trees, Obstruction in the road, Drainage issue etc. Visit the Hereford Council Website

Right of Way or Footpath Problem

Blocked or overgrown Bridleway, or footpath: Use the PROW map to identify the path number, thenĀ  contact the Rights of Way Officer via the Clerk, including the path number in your message.

For more information on who is responsible for maintaining PROWs click here.

Missing or Incorrect Information on this Website

Report to the Website Administrator via the Comments form.