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RSS Planning Applications in Walford

  • P193439/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition 18th September 2019
    Land at Cats Leys Hill Road Walford Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5QU, Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 4 5 10 11& 12 attached to planning permission 161689. , Valid
  • P193096/AM - Non Material Amendment 2nd September 2019
    Lime Quarry Barn Sharman Pitch Howle Hill Herefordshire HR9 5SH, Non-material amendment to 191514 (Variation of condition 2 181851 (Replacement of existing barn and home office with new dwelling and change of use of 0.5Ha from agricultural to residential garden space including vehicle maneuvering space and new three bay garage with homeoffice above) - internal […]
  • P193069/FH - Full Householder 29th August 2019
    Court View Cottage Cherry Tree Lane Walford Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5RJ, Conversion of garage to form ancillary annexe to the existing dwelling. , Valid
  • P192946/FH - Full Householder 19th August 2019
    1 Hillview Villas Coughton Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5SE, Proposed two storey side extension, Valid
  • P192800/F - Planning Permission 7th August 2019
    6 Coughton Place Coughton , Proposed 3 bed dwelling together with parking. , Valid
  • P192657/F - Planning Permission 2nd August 2019
    Coleraine Buildings Coughton Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5SG, Removal of condition 1 ref DCSE2009/0901/F. , Valid
  • P192723/O - Outline 30th July 2019
    Land at The Leys BishopsWood Ross on Wye Herefordshire , Erection of one dwelling and detached garage and construction of associated works. , Valid
  • P192659/J - Works to trees covered by TPO 25th July 2019
    Kyrle House 9 Cedar Grove Coughton Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5RY, Cedar Tree at rear of property to be reduced by approx 5 meters all over , Determination Made
  • P192632/F - Planning Permission 23rd July 2019
    Coughton Lawn Walford Ross-on-Wye HR9 5RY, Proposed new dwelling , Valid
  • P192245/F - Planning Permission 12th July 2019
    2 Crossways Howle Hill Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5SP, Proposed change of ground use from agriculture ground to residential/domestic to extend the garden and residential curtilage ofthe house of 2 Crossways. Erection of a detached, free-standing three bay garage with driveway. , Determination Made
  • P192457/FH - Full Householder 9th July 2019
    Starve Beech Cottage Drybrook Herefordshire GL17 9BJ, Proposed extension and alterations to cottage and creation of first floor room above garage , Valid
  • P192028/F - Planning Permission 14th June 2019
    Lower Cleeve Farm Hom Green Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7TD, Proposed installation of ground source heat pumps in 9 steel containers and underground pipework. , Determination Made
  • P192063/F - Planning Permission 11th June 2019
    Chadwyns Farm Walford Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire , Proposed removal of condition 3 of planning permission 184229 (Proposed change of use of existing barn to 1 dwelling) removal of superfluous condition. , Determination Made
  • P191633/U - Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD) 23rd May 2019
    Lower Cleeve Farm Hom Green Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7TD, Proposed Certificate of Lawfulness for an existing biomass boiler building accomodating 6 no. 199kw boilers and associated wood chippings storage area. , Determination Made
  • P191408/F - Planning Permission 8th May 2019
    Green Acres Walford Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5RE, Proposed construction of a Manège for private use only , Determination Made
  • P191514/F - Planning Permission 29th April 2019
    Lime Quarry Barn Sharman Pitch Howle Hill Herefordshire , Proposed variation of condition 2 of planning permission 181851 (Replacement of existing barn & home office building with new dwellingand change of use of 0.5Ha from agricultural to residential garden space including vehicle manoeuvring space and new three bay garage with home office above) - internal […]
  • P191247/FH - Full Householder 5th April 2019
    Lodge Farm Deepdean Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5SQ, Proposed single storey extension , Determination Made
  • P191175/FH - Full Householder 1st April 2019
    Berrington Cottage Walford Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5SD, Proposed first-floor extension, Determination Made
  • P191120/FH - Full Householder 27th March 2019
    Myrtle Cottage Howle Hill Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5SH, Proposed double garage to replace existing single garage , Determination Made
  • P190857/FH - Full Householder 20th March 2019
    Dunderhole Farm Walford Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5RD, Extension to kitchen, garage and first floor. , Determination Made