Ross Ambulance Base to Close!


Following recent news that Ross-on-Wye ambulance base is to close West Midlands Ambulance Service have issued the following response to Ross-on-line: “Due to the rise in activity it is now rare for the response post in Ross-on-Wye to be used, as the ambulance based at the site simply does not get back there before being sent to help another patient.”

“It therefore makes no sense to plough money into a building that is rarely used, other than at the beginning or end of shift. It is much better to save that money and increase the number of paramedics and ambulances.”

“For these reasons, West Midlands Ambulance Service will close the response post in Ross-on-Wye before the end of March, but the number of resources operating in Herefordshire will not reduce.

“Where an ambulance starts or finishes its shift doesn’t matter; what matters is whether we are able to respond to patients in a timely manner. By investing further in frontline services, this means patients will receive the best level of care possible.”

“The Trust moved away from the traditional ambulance station network some years ago when we introduced the ‘Make Ready’ scheme across the region. This has allowed us to become the most efficient ambulance service in the country according to NHS Improvement and the Lord Carter report into ambulance services.”

“The fact that we remain the only ambulance service to be consistently exceeding performance standards reinforces that our policies are working.”

If you would like to sign a petition against the closure please click HERE.

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