Safety Working Group 16 December 2019

Present. Cllr Sian Newbert, Cllr Monica van Lienden (Chair), Cllr Simeon Cole,

Attending as members of the public Cllr Heather Evans, Robin Hulse & Stephen Phillips (Cllrs Goodrich Parish)


  1. Apologies Cllr Smith, Cllr Jordan, Bill Cansdale


  1. Declarations None


  1. Group co-ordinator Cllr Smith has informed the group he is standing down as group co-ordinator. The group decided to elect Cllr Sian Newbert as co-ordinator.


  1. Public Participation Session

Cllr Hulse & Phillips from Goodrich Parish asked for information on road safety with regard to speeding as they had a problem in their parish. The group offered what information they could and Cllr Cole was helpful in supplying information on the process of reducing speed limits and the use of SIDs.


  1. Leys Hill Junction

Bill Cansdale was unable to attend the meeting. It is understood that the residents action group are still awaiting the traffic consultants report.


  1. Speeding in Walford

The clerk has requested a community speed and the police will carry out an initial risk assessment that will be followed by a speed & volume check. Analysis of the results will provide the data for the police to decide what is the best course of action. The clerk will be kept updated on progress.

Cllr Cole informed the group that Whitchurch Parish Council were to host an event with Highways England on traffic problems. Cllr Newbert asked if she might attend and Cllr Cole agreed that he would see if this could be arranged.


  1. Wild Swimming

Wild swimming at the canoe launch was discussed after the erection of a sign at the entrance to the site. Cllr Newbert said she thought that the sign had been removed but would check. It was agreed that genuine wild swimming could not be prevented but should not be promoted due to the obvious hazards. The erections of signs advertising such activities at the site would not be allowed.


  1. Canoe Launch- Barriers, Toilets, Signs, Steps

Monica had spoken to Martin at Pro Clean regarding the use of the car park by their lorries. She has been given the number of Steve Keeling as being the correct person to talk to. The clerk will ring the company. The erection of barriers was discussed in more detail. Barriers would need to be flexible and not impede genuine users. Costing would need to be obtained and BVH should be consulted. It was decided that a site visit would be helpful and this should be organised in the New Year if possible before the next SWG meeting. Signage. RSH is to add signage for the path to the pub. Cllr Cole said that the repair of the Parish Notice board and the information board were is hand. Cllr Cole will talk to Kevin Williams regarding signage for height and weight restrictions to the entrance to the site.

Permission has been requested from NE for repair of the concrete steps down to the river and the steps up to the embankment picnic area. Cllr van Leinden reported that no progress with the toilets had been achieved. Options available were discussed, this matter is to be debated in council 18.12.19. One issue was the matter of business rates payable. The Chair will talk to Halc on this matter and report to full council.


  1. Bridleway safety

This matter was discussed due to the recent serious accident to a horse rider. Cllr Evans had contacted Herefordshire CC on the matter and had received a response. The response was felt to be inadequate by the group and Cllr Evans agreed to compose a response and the Chair to help & advise. It was decided to find out who owned this land from the land registry and to ask the clerk to action this. The chair will find out the address.


  1. Items for next Agenda

Smart Water, Canoe Launch Toilets, Speeding in Walford, Leys Hill Junction


  1. Date of next meeting

8.01.20 Venue TBC 7-9pm