Safety Working Group 6 January 2020


Safety Working Group Meeting January 6th 2020
Walford Village Hall, Meeting room

Present Cllr Newbert Cllr Cole Cllr van Lienden Cllr Newbert Bill Cansdale
Attending as members of the public – Dave Berry

1. Apologies Cllr Smith Cllr Jordan

2. Declarations None

3. Public Participation Session None

4. Leys Hill Junction Bill Cansdale gave an update to the group. The residents action group engaged a traffic consultancy in October namely Cotswold Transport Planning in October 19 to look into what could be done at the junction. Although the consultants have come back with their progress which includes an initial contact with Balfour Beatty there are concerns about costs (No costs will be born by WPC). The group will contact Cotswold Transport Planning to discuss this issue and report back when they have further information.

5. Speeding in Walford The clerk has requested a community speed check on behalf of the group and this is in hand. Cllr Newbert will ask the clerk to ascertain a timescale for this. Cllr Cole expressed his concern on the way this would be carried out for the data to be effective. These concerns will be passed on to the police at the appropriate time. The police will initially carry out a traffic survey to assess whether a community speed check is justified.

6. Bridleway Safety Monica has found out that 2 cottages have rights of way over the Bridleway where the recent accident took place. However, it has not been ascertained if anyone owns the land. The clerk is attempting to find this out. The group is unhappy about Herefordshire CC’s response to this problem but Walford PC are unable to action any work as that is in the responsibility of Herefordshire. The group will pass this on to Ward councillor Watson on her return to see if she can make any progress.

7. Smart Water After the presentation from the police at the last council meeting the group discussed this and felt that on the whole this was a good thing that would be advantageous to the village but there were concerns about costs for WPC. It was decided to find out from the NDP the exact number of households in the parish in order to know the exact costs. the group also had several questions that they wish to put to the police before making any recommendations.

8. Canoe Launch Signs, Barriers, Toilets Steps Cllr Cole informed the group that 2 separate requests had been submitted to Natural England for works to be carried out on the concrete launch steps and the steps to the picnic area. Cllr Cole also informed the group that repair of the two signs was in hand and costs would be acquired and reported to council.
It was agreed that the issue of any barriers would be put on hold until this could be discussed with RSH on the return of the site manager. No progress has been made on the issue of the toilets. The main concern being costs in the form of business rates. In order to move things forward Monica will contact Bishopswood Village Hall committee to see if anything can be done by working together.

9. Items for the next agenda
Leys Hill Junction, Speeding in Walford, Bridleway Safety, Smart Water, Canoe Launch

10. Date of next meeting – TBC

11. Items for the agenda full council 15.1.20
To find a new member for the group.