Video and Teleconferencing Guide

A few parishioners have experienced difficulties joining and taking part in council meetings being held by video conference.  It looks like we are going to be continuing with video conferencing for some time so the information below may provide assistance.

It is impractical to provide advice that will suit everyone as there are more than a dozen ways to join a meeting depending on your equipment, operating system and the meeting system being used.

Walford Parish Council currently use the Zoom video conferencing system.

Details of meetings and their joining information are shown on the calendar, normally, if you are joining from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone you just need to click on the “join meeting” button.  If you are joining by phone then dial the number and follow the verbal instructions.

  • A few minutes before the meeting is due to start click on the link you have been
    provided with the next screen should show an option to Join a Meeting and you need to click it.
    You may then be asked to type in the Meeting ID and then the Password which you
    will have been given by the session organiser.
    You are nearly there now!
  • The next screen will ask if you want to join with video this will allow you to see others in the session and for them to see you, this can be turned on and off during the session if you wish.
  • You will then be asked if you want to join with audio this will allow you to hear others in the session and for them to hear you, again this can be turned on an off during the session if you wish.
    You should now have gained access to your session.

During the session

  • At the bottom of the screen there are some icons of a video camera and a speaker, by clicking those you can turn the video or sound on or off.
  • If more than one person is talking at once or there is background noise this can make the conversation break up and be a little frustrating. Try and take it in turns to talk rather than all at once.
  • There are some other controls that you can explore the more you use Zoom but for now enjoy connecting with people.

Problem solving

  • If you have not downloaded the Zoom app first and just click the link the session host has provided you may be prompted to download the Zoom app. Follow the instructions on your screen to do this. If this does not happen follow the instructions at the start of this sheet to download the Zoom app.
  • If you can’t see or hear the other people in the session your video and/or your microphone is switched off. Find the video camera icon and/or microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and turn the relevant one on.
  • If you are still unable to hear and/or see the people in the session there may be an issue with your settings. Here you will need to come off the session and open up the settings on your device. Find the apps option and find Zoom in the list of apps. Open this up and look for permission and ensure that camera and microphone are selected

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