WCSS Working Group Meeting Minutes – 4 August 2020

Held by videoconference 4th August 2020.

In attendance: Be Mackintosh (BM); Joanne Akers (JA); Karen Chinn (KC); Bob Puzey (BP); Ruth Dolman (DM); Bridget Vine (BV); Dave Berry (DB)

SERVICE USERS UPDATE BM gave an update on service users. 19 service users received an Audreys Fish’n’Chips lunch on Friday, 3rd July 2020, delivered by a team of volunteers. Service users were delighted and thoroughly enjoyed their lunch. 21 service users received treat boxes on Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, delivered by a team of volunteers. All service users were very grateful. The boxes contained local produce and essential PPE for our service users to remain safe when going out to shops and appointments. Most service users are in good health and finally venturing out to go shopping in Ross or seeing family. BM discussed concerns of one service user who has a diagnosis of dementia and has started to wander onto the Walford Road. His near neighbours are WCSS volunteers and have regularly contacted BM with ongoing concerns of his safety. BM sourced advise from the Social Prescriber as to taking the correct pathway to ensure the service user’s safety. The correct pathway was to alert Herefordshire Adult Social Care. JA felt it was our duty of care to contact them and all agreed to a call being made by BM for a referral. BM has contacted 3 new service users. 2 were referred to us by the Social Prescriber. KC noted it was important to retain a strong relationship with the Social Prescriber as she is an invaluable link between community and the WCSS.

LOCAL SCHOOL AND CHURCH COMMUNITY BM had made contact with Walford School headmistress and Chris the Walford Vicar. Both were keen to continue a strong relationship with WCSS hopefully engaging in activities in both the school and the church when able to do so. Contact with both will resume when the new school term begins and the church is opened again for social gatherings.

MEDIA BM to write an article for the Ross Gazette regarding the WCSS support to service users during the Covid-19 lockdown and the successful grant application from the HCF and how the WCSS would use the money to enhance service users wellbeing during and post Covid-19. BP suggested also sending it to Ross On Line and placing it in the Parish online newsletter

SOCIAL GATHERINGS WCSS The group agreed that social gatherings could be re- instated once WCSS risk assessments had been done at both Walford and Bishopwood Village Hall. BP and DB offered to send updated Covid-19 risk assessments from both halls to BM to adapt for social gatherings. Both indoor and outdoor spaces could be used. BV suggested that social gatherings could be smaller groups. KC requested BM to suggest how gatherings may look if one was organised. BV asked how some service users would get to the event and volunteers would need to risk assess themselves before offering lifts.

HCF GRANT It was agreed that the working group would view the ante room at Walford Village Hall in the hope of using it as a designated meeting place for the WCSS’s social gatherings. Some HCF grant money could be used to adapt the room to volunteer’s and service user’s needs. KC to order replacement banners and a pop banner for WCSS promotional events. BM to look at ordering postcard size promotional literature. KC suggested using the artwork from Walford School poster competition. Art work to be sent to BM
Press article to be placed in Hereford Times as funding came from HCF.

CO OP FUNDING BM had been asked by the Co-op’s local member pioneer to organise a ‘Pop up’ stand outside the Ross-On-Wye Co op to allow Co op members to see how the WCSS are using the grant money received and to promote the WCSS services. JA suggested a pop-up banner could be purchased for this event, KC agreed to add this to the banner order. BM to contact liaison officer to organise ‘Pop up’ event. Volunteers to be asked to help man the stand.

FUTURE FUNDING OPPURTUNITIES BM thanked RD for the list of suggested grant funding opportunities – 3 of these will be look at in more detail and applications made.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY BP has placed an advert in the Walford Parish newsletter asking if any local businesses would like to advertise in a ‘Local Business Directory’. DB showed the working group a disc of Hereford Council register of businesses, suggesting in maybe of interest for the business directory. JA enquired as to whether the businesses to be included would only be ones from the Walford Parish. BP suggested that the initial list would be from within the parish but we may need to look further a field for some trades people. KC had forwarded a copy of local businesses who already support the WCSS to BM BM suggested contacting the local school, Scout group etc to engage with parents who may have local businesses living in the community.

VOLUNTEERS BM thanked BV for the Volunteer proforma paperwork. BV suggested a few alterations may be required. BM noted that all WCSS volunteers would be DBS checked via Hoople and transferable DBS were not accepted. RD and BP felt strongly that volunteers over 70 should be able to continue volunteering. BV read a statement from Age UK – it was agreed all volunteers over the age of 70 needed to be made aware of the risks involved in volunteering for the WCSS and to make their own risk assessment. BV enquired as to where confidential information was held for volunteers. BM stated that all information was stored on a lap top with password access-no paper records were kept.

AOB BM requested the WCSS be placed on WISH website – Herefordshire signposting website. The working group agreed to this, BM to action. DB requested a date for viewing the ante room at Walford Village Hall. BM to email working group to find a suitable date. KC suggested another Afternoon Tea Box delivery for service users. BM agreed to put this in place. JA asked whether the hours for the Co Ordinator’s role were realistic. BM suggested that between 7-8 hours per week would be more realistic at present.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 1st September 2020 @ 4pm.


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